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Date : 2015-08-25
Description : VOCene #13 2015
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Varsity Outdoor Club
VOCene #13 , August 25 2015

** In This Issue:

** Recent Trip Reports

** Upcoming Trips

** Message Board Highlights

** Ms. Manners

** The Usual Suspects

** Recent Trip Reports
* Thea Rodgers successfully ran a trip up Mt. Rohr, as retold in pictures ( by Kevin Woo.
* A crack team of VOCers successfully redug the outhouse hole at Phelix ( .
* Dmitri Oguz and Marcin Mirski summitted Mount Churchill ( , with only a little alpine climbing required.

** Upcoming Trips

Glacier School G2 · Sat. Aug. 29th - Sun. Aug. 30th (
Glacier school 2 is for those with previous glacier experience that want to apply these skills by actually climbing a peak.
G2 2015 will take place at Anniversary Glacier.
Have a look here  ( for more details. Be familiar with this (
Pretrip is Wednesday, 6:30 pm in The Aviary.


Sustainable Living Fair (workhike!) · Saturday, August 29th (
JumpStart (the program for 1st year international students) is hosting a sustainable living fair in the totem ballroom, and we're one of the clubs that has been invited to host an interactive booth to educate people about sustainable living as well as recruit new members! We need a few people to set up / clean up, as well as to actually run the booth at the fair from 2pm - 5 pm. This also counts as a workhike.


Elfin Lakes and back, on wheels (beginner friendly mountain biking) · Friday, September 4th (
Bike up to Elfin, take in the scenery, swim in the lake, shred back down and head to Squamish for gelato. Perhaps climbing at chek or smoke bluffs in the evening.
Going to need someone with a bike rack or larger vehicle with space for bikes in flatbed/backseat. 4x4 not necessary.
Good time to use those skills you learned at the MTB skills session last weekend! This is considered a green circle ride. The casual ride up may test your fitness, but we can take it at a moderate pace. This is a popular hiking trail so the ride down might be a human slalom. That said, we're going up Friday so maybe won't be too busy.
We will bring day packs/lunch and you should have your own small repair kit. Helmet mandatory. Always wanted to try this trail by bike so let's make it happen! :)
Alternatively we could just ride Quest trails and split the day 50/50 bike and climb. Heck why not turn it into a weekend trip in that case! Open to suggestions.

Transit accessible beginner friendly day hike up Mount Gardner (Bowen Island) · Saturday, September 5th (
Just found out this may be my last free weekend for a while, so let's day trip!
This trip is completely public transit accessible. The plan is to meet downtown Vancouver around 7:20am, then take the 257 bus to Horseshoe Bay.
We can catch the 9:05am ferry, and from there it's about a 20 minute ferry ride to Bowen Island. Looks to be about a 5 hour hike roundtrip up Mt. Gardner, with 719m elevation. You can bring food to share at the top if you feel so inclined. We could even grab some brews at the pub by the ferry terminal afterwards. c:
Due to the last minute nature of this trip, there will be no pretrip meeting. But I'll send out an email, and sign up people as going on Friday. Message me if you have any questions!

September long weekend at the Harrison Hut! · Sat. Sep. 5th - Mon. Sep. 7th (
Harrison Hut for the long weekend!
No pre-trip meeting.
Check out the message board for description.
Sign-up!! =D

** Message Board Highlights
-Lillooet South FSR Closure (,113817)
Bridge out due to slide. Probably doesn’t affect Harrison Hut access.

-Accidental triggering of SPOT (,113815)
Possibly-useful warning for SPOT users or potential buyers.

-**Call for Instructors - G2** (,113747)
I think they’re at 4-ish for the moment. More instructors welcome!

-Golden Adventures Aug.26th-Sept.3rd (,113781)
Andrea and Brody are planning a pretty epic-sounding hiking/mountain biking adventure open to anyone free.

** Ms Manners
Hey Ms Manners,

I've never once seen VOCers bringing up dish detergent, or basically anything, to deal with dirty dishes. How does that work on longer trips?


Well, dish soap is heavy, and you can't drink it or set it on fire to generate heat unlike other liquids we like to bring up, so most VOCers will regard it as verboten after about a year of outdoors trips. Remember, this is a club that regards the back half of a toothbrush as superfluous weight.

Also, 'dirty dishes' is just code for 'there's still food left'.  Those ambiguous residues of oatmeal and maple-flavored goo that streak the inside of your pot after breakfast, for example? That's actually edible, and furthermore, is excellent tea-making material! Even that scorched-black carbon remnant you might find on the bottom of your pot after an involving steak dinner, which I can assure you is definitely not carcinogenic!*

Happy eating,
Ms Manners

*This Ms Manners article is not endorsed by the NIH. Honestly, none of them are, but especially not this one.

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