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Varsity Outdoor Club
VOCene #18 , Oct 6 2015

** In This Issue:

** Recent Trip Reports

** Upcoming Trips

** Ms. Manners

** The Usual Suspects

** Recent Trip Reports
* Spencer Rasmussen did the semi-alcoholic traverse ( on a whim.
* Several VOCers cycled through a couple of the Gulf Islands ( .

** Upcoming Trips
Slideshow: The Map Wall Project - A journey through the high country of Southwestern British Columbia by Richard So · Wednesday, October 7th (
Come join us for our first slideshow of the year with an amazing presentation by our very own Richard So! Afterward, those who are keen, can stick around while we enjoy some beers and other beverages at a nearby pub.

Glacier Skills Course @ Wreck Beach · Thursday, October 8th (
Hey all G1 graduates, prospective G2ers, or anyone else interested in glacier travel! We've heard from y'all that you're super stoked to learn how to travel on glaciers this year! That's awesome; but unfortunately, due to a low snow year this past year, the glaciers are pretty sketchy right now. But have no fear; your solution is here! I know we're all mountain people, but why not learn these skills such as self arrest and crevasse rescue on Wreck Beach?!Clinics will discuss crevasse rescue steps, self arrest, roping up for glaciers, and any advanced crevasse rescue skills you wish to learn. This event will be hosted bi-weekly on Thursday evenings, so if you don't make it out now surely sign up again for the next event! Get stoked to get safe out there!!


Rock Party 2.0 - Smith-onian Style! · Fri. Oct. 9th - Mon. Oct. 12th (
Did you end up going to Rock Party and realize that rock climbing and partying is your everything and you need to continue? Or did you miss Rock Party due to studying, over-stoke flu, or any other schennagins? Or, did your last Rock Party feel like it was missing something because there was a lack of stoke? No worries; we've got you covered! Join me this weekend to climb and discover Smith Rock State Park in central Oregon!! This place is iconic, and is the birthplace of sport climbing (Rock 3) in North America

Hot Springs Trip! (RockParty recovery weekend) · Sat. Oct. 10th - Sun. Oct. 11th (
We will go to some hotsprings near Pemberton which shall not be named. This will be the weekend after RockParty. We can relax and recover from the crushing we did the previous weekend.

The Unorganized and Chaotic Thanksgiving Climberama · Sat. Oct. 10th - Mon. Oct. 12th (
Let's go climbing for Thanksgiving! I don't know where, but if the weather is good in Skaha I'd like to go there.

This trip and the message board will just be a place holder for people to get together and share plans.

Harvest Hustle & Post Run Feast · Saturday, October 10th (
TL;DR - this event features a hilly-as-heck North Shore trail run, followed by a potluck chez moi. This event is NOT beginner-friendly, and experience running on technical, steep trails would be preferable!

Part 1: Run
- runners will meet at Old Buck Trailhead, near the base of Seymour in North Vancouver
- before starting, we will split into 2 pace groups. I will lead a fast-ish group, and my super cool mom (a seasoned ultrarunner) will take a slightly slower group.
- I have been using strava maps of my own runs to estimate the distance... I'm guessing that it will be about 18.5+ km. Sounds short, but trust me, it'll be a toughie!
For anyone who knows the North Shore trails well, the tentative route is as follows:
Old Buck --> Bridle Path --> Sticks & Stones --> Bridle Path --> Mary Kirk --> Baden Powell (Seymour Grind) --> Good Sir Martin --> Penny Lane, Rapid Transit, etc. --> Baden Powell (down through Hyannis) --> Fisherman's Trail --> Mystery Creek Climb --> Ridgerunner --> Greenland --> NS High School League Trail --> Forever After --> Dale's Trail --> through Mushroom Parking Lot to Incline Trail (then cross Mt Seymour Rd) --> Old Buck Connector --> Old Buck to parking lot
Don't worry, you don't have to memorize this because you will have a leader :)

Part 2: Feast
If there is sufficient interest, I'd love to host a potluck feast at my house after the race! Sadly, I can only have a max of 10 runners over because our house is pretty small. Bring something to share, and I'll pop it in a cooler in my car while we run. There are showers at Parkgate Rec Centre (right near Old Buck Trailhead) if you feel like washing up after the run.
NOTE: there will be NO pretrip meeting for this event. The cutoff for entry is Oct. 3 (one week in advance). After that date, all details will be provided in emails and such.
IF YOU ARE SIGNING UP AS "COMMITTED": please specify "Run" or "Run & Feast"!
Email me if you have any questions!
Happy Trails!

Jumbo WIld Premiere @ patagonia store+ Afterparty · Saturday, October 10th (
For decades, First Nations, conservationists, backcountry skiers and snowboarders have fought a proposed large-scale ski resort deep in the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia. After 24 years of opposition, what more will it take to keep Jumbo wild for good?
Patagonia vancouver is located 1994 W 4th


Slideshow: Trips to the Arctic (Ellesmere Island, Iceland, Greenland) by Cassandra Elphinstone · Wednesday, October 14th (
Cassandra Elphinstone will give a presentation on the Arctic (Ellesmere Island this summer and last summer and Iceland and Greenland four years ago).

The Arctic is a special place; once you see it you will never forget its vast beauty, its spectacular peaks and its endless glaciers. Four  years ago during an SOI Arctic (2011) expedition to Iceland, Greenland, and parts of northern Canada I fell in love with the Arctic landscape, its wildlife and its harsh conditions. For the past two summers I have had the amazing opportunity to return to the high arctic, this time to Ellesmere Island (a polar desert). Come hear about six months of camp life with 24 hour daylight, polar bears in camp, miniature plants, and mild frostbite in the middle of summer.

Hike of the ten views! Beginner friendly day hike · Sunday, October 18th (
I want to explore some hikes outside the Sea to sky area. The Sendero Diez Vistas (ten views) hike sounds pretty appealing to me so lets give it a go! The hike loops around Buntzen lake on the ridge of indian arm area.

** Ms Manners
Hey Ms Manners,

I feel like I sometimes owe my drivers a little more than gas money, given how they're the last ones home at the end of a trip. What kind of gifts should I leave behind for my driver, other than gas money?


Hey Hitch,

Great question, and that's very nice of you. I think all drivers love being surprised by whatever little gifts they find left behind after they've dropped everyone off. Food, in particular extra food from the trip, is well appreciated. I myself have received:

-Two or three chocolate bars left on the dash.
-About a half a kilo of cheese, thoughtfully stuffed under a car seat so that it would take a little longer to perish than in the sun.
-Any gum that you have to spare is well appreciated. Just leave it behind on the door somewhere. Drivers love that.

It's not compulsory, though, and people will understand if you don't leave anything behind at all!

See you on the car ride up,
Ms Manners

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