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Varsity Outdoor Club
VOCene #20 , Oct 20 2015

** In This Issue:

** Special Features
* Call for VOC slideshow presenters

** Upcoming Trips

** Message Board Highlights

** Ms. Manners

** Special Features
* Call for VOC slideshow presenters

Have you done anything interesting outside recently? Maybe gone on a climbing trip in South America somewhere, or summited Denali? Show us pictures! Run a slideshow (or maybe something more live action, depending on how GoPro-y your party was) for the VOC! Everybody likes seeing cool pictures alongside stories of some type 2 fun.

** The Usual Suspects

** Upcoming Trips

Annual VOC Fall Gearswap - buy/sell your surplus or used outdoor gear · Wednesday, October 21st (
The Annual VOC Fall Gear Swap is an outdoor gear buy-and-sell event!
If you have some extra gear that you no longer need, come sell it. If you are looking to buy used/new outdoor gear for reasonable prices, come on out. Actual swapping of gear is encouraged as well.
There will also be a "free table" - if you have items that could still be used by others but are not fit for selling, or you'd just like to give them away, please consider putting them in the free pile (no junk please).
This event is open to non-members as well, and is absolutely free - bring your friends!
Please feel free to post on the Message Board thread whatever gear you have planned on bringing, so people can get a sense of what will be at this year's swap.
Any questions? Please post them on the message board thread.
Time: 6:00pm-8:30pm
Location: ANGU 295 (Henry Angus Building)


Beginner Friendly Elfin Lakes! Study Friendly · Sat. Oct. 24th - Sun. Oct. 25th (
*Moved to next next week due to short notice*
Midterms and deadlines are rolling in, I know. But what if we went away and studied at the same time? Elfin Lakes is about 600 m elevation and 10 K one way. In addition to there being a very beautiful lake, there will also be a very beautiful solar powered hut in which we can study. Of course, you don't have to study.
Winter is coming, so it will be cold. If you have a waterproof jacket, a reasonable tent, maybe a tarp, and loads of sweaters and an sleeping bag rated to 0 or negative degrees, you should be OK.
There is no rain in the forecast as of right now.
At least one car and one driver will be needed. The car should probably not be a dying small car, as the road up is winding and not flat.


Slideshow: Squamish to Whistler through the backcountry, by Daniel Dubois · Tuesday, October 27th (
Come and join us to hear about Daniel's adventures on a long weekend back country trek from Squamish to Whistler. We will go out for beers and festivites afterwards for those who are interested.
Please note that this slideshow is on a Tuesday instead of Wednesday, outside of our regular scheduling.

Ski Waxing (Workhike, Beginner Friendly) · Wednesday, October 28th (
Hi everyone
The QMs need your help to wax the VOC skis. There are lots of skis and not so many QMs. Please sign up if you can help out. Meet in the VOC clubroom. We will probably wax the skis outside, not sure If demand is high, I will organize another night on the 14th or some other day.
If possible please bring; old credit cards/empty gift cards/other not-going-to-be-needed-again plastic cards to use as scrapers,
If anyone reading this has an edge tuner they don't mind getting used, please bring that too!
Maybe we will go for some drinks at the pit (Pit Night!) after waxing skis.
TLDR; Help wax the VOC skis, expereince and equipment is appreciated but not strictly neccesary

Wild & Scenic Film Fest [CPAWS BC] · Wednesday, October 28th (
The Wild & Scenic Film Festival is the largest environmental film festival in North America. Last year the festival partnered with over 140 environmental groups, nature centres, non-profits, museums, and universities to host venues across the United States and Canada. The touring festival has invited CPAWS to bring the Wild & Scenic Film Festival to our community to increase the groundswell for the environmental movement by using film to inspire environmental action.
There will local craft beer provided by Postmark Brewery ( , ice cream provided by Rain or Shine Icecream ( and snacks available at the event for purchase. There will also be a raffle with some great prizes to win! More information on the event can be found on the website page (

Tickets for the event are available online ( for $15 in advance and $20 at the door and all of the money raised goes towards protecting BC’s wild places.

**Ski Mountaineering Skills Course @ Wreck Beach - Beg. Friendly!** · Thursday, October 29th (
Hey all G1 graduates, prospective G2ers, AST 1 prospectives, or ski mountaineers/ski mountaineers in-training! We've heard from y'all that you're super stoked to learn how to travel on glaciers this year! That's awesome; but unfortunately, due to a low snow year this past year, the glaciers are pretty sketchy right now. But have no fear; your solution is here! I know we're all mountain people, but why not learn these skills such as self arrest, crevasse rescue, and companion rescue on Wreck Beach?!
Clinics will discuss crevasse rescue steps, self arrest, roping up for glaciers, and any advanced crevasse rescue skills you wish to learn. **UPDATE: Clinic will now discuss skills for winter travel in the backcountry, such as avalanche companion rescue in addition to glacier-travel skills.*** This event will be hosted bi-weekly on Thursday or Monday evenings, so if you don't make it out now surely sign up again for the next event! Get stoked to get safe out there!!

**In addition, I will be leading some trips early November/late October to some ski mountaineering objectives (Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainer, Mt. Adams, Garabaldi, etc); and participation on these trips requires either of the following: AST 1 and G1 combo OR attendance at 2 sessions of the Ski Mountaineering Skills course. These requirements are the BARE MINIMUM to participate on these future trips, so if you desire to do any of these trips in the future, sign up now! Spaces are limited!!


Skaha Bluffs Halloween Trip · Fri. Oct. 30th - Sun. Nov. 1st (
This year for Halloween come out to Skaha and rock climb in costume!
Skaha is located just south of Penticton east of Skaha Lake.  This region is more likely to be dry than Squamish, so it's great for late and early season climbing.  The rock is edgy gneiss and the routes are predominately sport. There is a nice range of both easy and difficult climbs.
Beginner climbers should at least be comfortable setting up a top rope, or be accompanying someone who has agreed to set up for them.
Edit:  Apparently off season camping is free at Vaseux Lake ( , which is only a 20 minute drive from the bluffs - so will most likely be camping there
CAMPING - I am proposing 2 options:
1st - Paid Camping on Skaha Lake
There are several paid campsites located on Skaha Lake within a 10-20 minute drive of the climbing zone.  The advantage for this option is the quick drive to the bluffs and Penticton.  The disadvantages are $$ and that we would most likely be just camping with our car groups + any sort of Halloween party would be out of the question.
2nd - Free Camping at Idleback Lake
Idleback Lake ( is a free camping zone with 18 sites, but a 50 minute drive from the bluffs.  It is a more serene outdoor environment than any of the paid sites and it would mean that we could probably camp/potluck/party together (with jack 'o lanterns and pumpkin pie!).  It is also a fly-fishing lake if anyone is into that (I really don't know anything about fishing).  The drawbacks are the length of the drive and that we obviously wouldn't be able to reserve any sites - though I don't think it will be busy in late October.
Please state your preference (1 or 2) in the signup.
Feel free to contact me with questions and concerns :)

Cousin of Canyon · Sat. Oct. 31st - Sun. Nov. 1st (
Destination is TBD.
Shoulder season? Too wet to climb, no snow to ski? False - it's canyoning season. This will be an exciting beginner friendly trip to explore two of BC's beautiful and seldom visited canyons. In the evening we will enjoy plenty of merriment as we are car camping and bringing guitar, beer, and grillables.
Note that given the nature of the activity, the number of participants on this trip is limited. You need to have previously rappelled, scrambled, and jumped into water from up to 3m. General coordination desired. If you have none done none of these, email me separately and depending on the general skill level of the trip, you may still be able to attend. The signup will not necessarily be first-come-first-serve, but will rather be modified to balance out experience.
The required gear is harness, helmet, wetsuit, water booties, rappel device. If you have ropes, particularly static ones, please notify me. A more specific gear list will be emailed out to the participants.
The general idea is that by the end of the trip you will be able to go out and descend some canyons of your own.I can't stress enough that canyoning is pure wholesome type 1 fun. All the time.

** Message Board Highlights
-23.-25.October Looking for mates for random/spontaneous Mountain/Hitchhiking Trip. (,114726)

-Become a member of VOC's Centennial Organizing Committee! (,114298)

** Ms Manners
Ms Manners is the VOC's resident expert on mountaineering and outdoors etiquette, and answers questions from VOCers once a week in her advice column, here. Do you have a question for Ms Manners? Email the VOCene editor and it will be forwarded on to Ms Manners, with a reply posted the following week.

Sorry, Ms Manners is off climbing this week. That, or just braindead from thesis writing. Take care!

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