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Date : 2015-10-27
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Varsity Outdoor Club
VOCene #21 , Oct 27 2015

** In This Issue:

** Special Features
* High-def cameras for everyone!
* Meru showing
* MEC Clubs night next week

** Recent Trip Reports

** Upcoming Trips

** Ms. Manners

** Special Features

* High-def cameras for everyone!

The VOC has recently been offered an employee's discount on high-definition camera orders from Lens & Shutters. The more orders the better, we need at least 5-10. Talk to Carly Peterson about it if you're interested.
* Meru showing

The VOC is proud to present a showing of Meru, a climbing and mountaineering film which even non-climbing friends of mine seem in awe of. Get your tickets in advance before we run out!
* MEC Clubs night next week

Just a reminder - the VOC is also proud to present a Clubs Night at MEC next week, a twice-yearly event where everybody gets 10% off of every regularly priced item at the store. Additional details are in the Trip Agenda below.

** The Usual Suspects

** Recent Trip Reports
* Koby weaves a gripping yarn of a kayaking trip to Granite Falls ( .
* Jeff Mottershead and co successfully extracted the Luggable Loo, one of the most disgusting objects known to mankind, from the Harrison Hut! They also managed to bring a stove up ( .
* Roland Burton and others made their way up Mt. Frosty ( .

** Upcoming Trips

Ski Waxing (Workhike, Beginner Friendly) · Wednesday, October 28th (
Hi everyone
The QMs need your help to wax the VOC skis. There are lots of skis and not so many QMs. Please sign up if you can help out. Meet in the VOC clubroom. We will wax the skis inside.
If possible please bring; old credit cards/empty gift cards/other not-going-to-be-needed-again plastic cards to use as scrapers,
If anyone reading this has an edge tuner they don't mind getting used, please bring that too!
Maybe we will go for some drinks at the pit (Pit Night!) after waxing skis.
TLDR; Help wax the VOC skis, expereince and equipment is appreciated but not strictly neccesary

Wild & Scenic Film Fest [CPAWS BC] · Wednesday, October 28th (
The Wild & Scenic Film Festival is the largest environmental film festival in North America. Last year the festival partnered with over 140 environmental groups, nature centres, non-profits, museums, and universities to host venues across the United States and Canada. The touring festival has invited CPAWS to bring the Wild & Scenic Film Festival to our community to increase the groundswell for the environmental movement by using film to inspire environmental action.
There will local craft beer provided by Postmark Brewery ( , ice cream provided by Rain or Shine Icecream ( and snacks available at the event for purchase. There will also be a raffle with some great prizes to win! More information on the event can be found on the website page (

Tickets for the event are available online ( for $15 in advance and $20 at the door and all of the money raised goes towards protecting BC’s wild places.

Film Program (

Location:  H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver, BC
Cost: $15 Advance | $20 Door

Backcountry Ski Touring Info night · Thursday, October 29th (
Interested in learning how to self-propel yourself successfully into the great backcountry of the coast ranges?
Ski touring is an exciting way to get yourself to distant places and mountain peaks, with rewarding views, good company, and the requisite of having to "earn your turns".
The VOC is running a ski touring info night, where some experienced members of the club will go over basics such as what to bring on overnight ski tours, how to pack well, tips and tricks for skinning, and a basic rundown of what to expect as you embark on your first ski touring trip.
This information session is aimed at beginners, but experienced skiers may find some useful tips in the presentation - and are welcome to join in and share their pro tips!
This info night does not replace any avalanche safety training course, and should be seen as a basic introduction to the theory and esthetics of ski touring. The goal of this info night is to share knowledge, and the stoke of skiing! Hope to see you there


Skaha Bluffs Halloween Trip · Fri. Oct. 30th - Sun. Nov. 1st (
This year for Halloween come out to Skaha and rock climb in costume!
Skaha is located just south of Penticton east of Skaha Lake.  This region is more likely to be dry than Squamish, so it's great for late and early season climbing.  The rock is edgy gneiss and the routes are predominately sport. There is a nice range of both easy and difficult climbs.
Beginner climbers should at least be comfortable setting up a top rope, or be accompanying someone who has agreed to set up for them.
Edit:  Apparently off season camping is free at Vaseux Lake ( , which is only a 20 minute drive from the bluffs - so will most likely be camping there

Feel free to contact me with questions and concerns :)

Cousin of Canyon · Sat. Oct. 31st - Sun. Nov. 1st (
Destination is TBD.
Shoulder season? Too wet to climb, no snow to ski? False - it's canyoning season. This will be an exciting beginner friendly trip to explore two of BC's beautiful and seldom visited canyons. In the evening we will enjoy plenty of merriment as we are car camping and bringing guitar, beer, and grillables.
Note that given the nature of the activity, the number of participants on this trip is limited. You need to have previously rappelled, scrambled, and jumped into water from up to 3m. General coordination desired. If you have none done none of these, email me separately and depending on the general skill level of the trip, you may still be able to attend. The signup will not necessarily be first-come-first-serve, but will rather be modified to balance out experience.
The required gear is harness, helmet, wetsuit, water booties, rappel device. If you have ropes, particularly static ones, please notify me. A more specific gear list will be emailed out to the participants.
The general idea is that by the end of the trip you will be able to go out and descend some canyons of your own.I can't stress enough that canyoning is pure wholesome type 1 fun. All the time.


MEC Clubs Night · Tuesday, November 3rd (
Come to the twice-yearly Vancouver Mountain Equipment Co-op for Clubs Night! Here you will be able to get a 10% discount on any regular priced item in the store and be eligible for some raffle prize items and snacks!
Remember to check in at the VOC table to get your "iIm with the VOC" stamp and to sign up as interested so we can let MEC know how busy they should expect to be, and we'll se you there!

Slideshow: Bolivia, by Artem Bylinskii · Wednesday, November 4th (
Artem will share with us details of his adventures in Bolivia.

Beverages are encouraged.

Location: BUCH A103
Time: 7:00 PM


The Annual Brew Debacle (Beginner Friendly) · Sat. Nov. 7th - Sun. Nov. 8th (

Ski season is just around the corner! And nothing gets me excited for snow like hiking in ski boots with skis on my back up to the VOC's very own, very cozy, Brew hut. Last year we had beautiful, sunny weather and just enough snow to make the people who left their skis behind regret having left their skis behind. Other years have featured getting turned around on the sea-to-sky, calling off the trip half way up the trail because of pouring rain, and 17 hour epics with exhausted, dehydrated bodies reaching the hut in the wee hours of the morning, to name a few.

So I make no promises as to what will be accomplished. This is a beginner-friendly trip; you need not ever have seen snow before in your life, although you must make every effort to come prepared. We will have a detailed discussion about what "prepared" means during the pre-trip meeting. There will be some experienced people along to lend a hand when needed, they are not guides by any means but I have recruited them for their super-human patience.
Red Rocks Remembrance Romp! · Sat. Nov. 7th - Sat. Nov. 14th (
Red Rocks! Typically the VOC tradition is to head down to Smith Rock over the Remembrance Day holiday to escape the rain and cold in Squamish. However, I have the whole week off so I am planning on climbing further afield in fabulous Las Vega... er I mean Red Rocks, Nevada!
This will be an entirely self-sufficient trip, meaning you must organize your own transportation, partner, gear etc. However, myself and a couple other VOCers will be down there so the more the merrier!

Explore Lizzie Creek Trail · Sat. Nov. 14th - Mon. Nov. 16th (
I am interested in going to explore the Lizzie Creek area (Stein Valley). There is a log cabin and trail in the Stein Valley that has been abandoned for a few years and needs some repairs.  The purpose of this trip will be to see the area and possibly begin to fix up the road/trail to the cabin. It will probably be a bushwack and we likely won't even reach the cabin but ... you would be welcome to come along if you are interested in learning about trail work and bushwacking. (

** Ms Manners
Ms Manners is the VOC's resident expert on mountaineering and outdoors etiquette, and answers questions from VOCers once a week in her advice column, here. Do you have a question for Ms Manners? Email the VOCene editor and it will be forwarded on to Ms Manners, with a reply posted the following week.

Dear Ms Manners,

I was asleep in a hut just a couple weeks ago when I was rather rudely awakened. Some folks arrived very late, maybe about 1 AM or so. They were bantering very loudly the whole time, even after they'd gotten into the hut. They even turned on a lamp down below, and headlamp light went everywhere. Then they started playing music! I don't mean they got the acoustic guitar out-that would have been bearable-I mean they had a little stereo with them and started blasting hard rock music. At 1AM. What the hell?! How am I supposed to get any sleep at all?

Concerned Listener

Hey Listener,

That really sucks. I mean, late-night (or early-morning) arrivals into huts are pretty standard, and the Pink Floyd show that ensues when people are looking everywhere for gear with a headlamp strapped to their foreheads, which always somehow manage to beam Zebralamp levels of light directly into the eyes of everybody asleep in the hut, does happen on occasion. I do have to admit that the stereo problem is new, though, and that is a new level of irritating that I haven't had to deal with myself.

In an ideal world, we'd have a button on our SPOTs for situations like this, and specially trained members of SAR would burst in, take the offending occupants outside, and spend a few hours patiently explaining the merits and methods of snow cave construction before vanishing into the night in big black Special Forces-style helicopters. Unfortunately, this is not the case. So instead, I'm going to have to advocate blinders and ear plugs, as I once had to recommend in an earlier Ms Manners for a similar scenario. Take care to sleep with them normally so you get used to using them. They're like avalanche rescue equipment - if you don't regularly practice using them, you won't entirely be able to use them when you need them the most.

Also, try not to hate those loud folks too much, as that could do more damage to your ability to enjoy the weekend than they ever did. If someone gets out a stereo and starts blasting music at 1 AM, and you don't head down and quietly talk them out of waking up the entire hut, try to get into the same headspace as you'd be in if a bear broke into the hut and started wandering around, snuffling about and occasionally pawing at food or maybe cookware. A day later, it'll just be a funny story about some big dumb animals who don't entirely understand how huts work.

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