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Date : 2015-12-03
Description : VOCene #26 2015
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Varsity Outdoor Club
VOCene #26 , Dec 3 2015

** In This Issue:

** Special Features
* Neil Mackenzie Adventure Grant

** Upcoming Trips

** Ms. Manners

** Special Features
* Neil Mackenzie Adventure Grant

Neil Mackenzie was one of the VOC's most talented members, and one of its most enthusiastic and capable teachers, until his tragic death in January 2015 on Mount Joffre with Stephanie Grothe and Elena Cernicka. To preserve and honor Neil Mackenzie's memory, Neil Mackenzie's parents and the VOC are working together to provide a grant for any VOCer planning really cool outdoors shenanigans somewhere in the world. The preference is for climbing in Scotland, but any self-propelled outdoors adventure which you couldn't do without this grant is fair game. If you have a big idea for a trip somewhere in the world, but particularly in Scotland, you might want to apply for this grant. Full details are here:
( . Deadline for submissions is January 29, 2016.
We look forward to reading the applications!
Details are in the 'Upcoming Trips' section below.

** The Usual Suspects

** Upcoming Trips

***Avalanche Companion Rescue Course @ Wreck Beach*** · Thursday, December 3rd (
Hey all AST 1 prospectives, new backcountry skiers, or prospective members of winter VOC trips! We've heard from y'all that you're super stoked to learn how to travel with minimal risk in the mountains this winter! That's awesome; but unfortunately we live in Vancouver and a proper mountain with snow is nearly a 30-minute drive from campus. But have no fear; your solution is here! I know we're all mountain people, but why not learn the skill of companion rescue on Wreck Beach?!


Double Duffey Daytrips · Sat. Dec. 5th - Sun. Dec. 6th (
Duffey Lakes has some of the best skiing on the Coast, with a life times worth of faces, glades, and bowls to ski. Being the lazy person that I am, I'd rather carry a day pack than a heavy overnight bag. As a result, I'd like to do double day trips with car camping on Saturday night. Hopefully other people feel the same way. Given the nature of the terrain, smaller independent groups seem to work best. My idea would be for independent car groups to pick their own objectives for Saturday and Sunday and then meet up Saturday night.
The Details:
Skills required: You must be at a level where you can contribute to avalanche decision making and terrain selection. Practically, this means you have your AST1 (or equivalent) and previous experience touring. As well, a moderate level of fitness and skiing ability would be good. No, you don't need to be a god on skis, but you can't be falling down every turn.

Pretrip: Organization via email. I'll get the email faff going by the Wednesday, so please sign up before then.

Objectives: To be decided according to conditions and skill level. Personally, I'd be interested in Mt. Cayoosh, Mt. Rohr, Chief Pascale, or Joffre Lakes.

Intermediate-friendly skiing day trip to Callaghan · Sunday, December 6th (
Given much fresh snow in the forecast this week, we'll go skiing in more conservative terrain and I'm thinking of open tree skiing around Callaghan (would love to explore Beverley Creek).
Depending on participants and snow conditions, we may even attempt some bigger, open slopes (but don't count on it). This is an intermediate-friendly trip. You must be able to ski at least blue-black runs in a resort and knowledge of avalanche and rescue skills is preferred (though not necessary if there are enough AST-trained participants).
Max size ~ 2 carloads
Organization via email


VOC Environmental Committee Formation · Tuesday, December 8th (
Hey VOC,

So as you may know it looks like the Garibaldi at Squamish resort is pushing ahead with their plans and largely blew off the FMCBC in the last stake holders meeting. If you're not up to date with what this is check out the message board link, basically it's a proposed Condo development/ Ski Resort in Squamish which will substantially impact the nature of Garibaldi Park. We will be holding a meeting next week for anyone interested in participating to discuss what course of action the VOC will take regarding the Brohm Ridge development.

The reason I'd like to bring this up again and re-invigorate the issue is a new online petition system ( which is being put in place and if this is a course of action for us.

Now I'm not sure exactly what aspects of this we can/should petition, this is where we need environmental advice/consultation but what I'm sure of is that we can get 500+ signatures very easily across the lower mainland and then the petition would go to parliament.

For any past/present VOCers who are interested in getting involved, we will meet Tuesday December 8th, 6:30pm VOC Clubroom


** Ms Manners
Hey Ms Manners,

I'm an experienced backcountry skier, but I'm out of shape these days and I'm pretty slow. Should I really be going on VOC trips?


Yes! In fact, you have an absolutely critical role to play in VOC trips--the sweeper.

The sweeper's role is to go last, hanging out in the back of the group and basically waiting for something bad to happen. Ideally, the group's sweeper is experienced and knowledgeable enough about the area to basically lead from behind if necessary. Walkie-talkies for the lead and the sweeper can be nice, although not always necessary. You sound perfect for the role!

If you're fast and experienced, so you're not sure whether you'd make a good sweeper, don't worry: you can make yourself slow by overloading your pack  with pointlessly extravagant items like glass bottles of whiskey or desserts large enough for the whole group to enjoy. You can literally have your cake and eat it too.

Enjoy your time outside,
Ms Manners


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