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Varsity Outdoor Club
VOCene #32, Feb 2 2016

** In This Issue:

** Special Features
* Journal Submissions
* Call for VOC slideshow presenters!
* Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

** Upcoming Trips

** Message Board Highlights

** Ms. Manners

** Special Features
* Journal Submissions

We are now accepting submissions for the yearly VOC Journal. The deadline is (tentatively) Feb 1, so if you've had any crazy VOC-related adventures, now's the time to immortalize them in text.
* Call for VOC slideshow presenters!

Have you done anything interesting outside recently? Maybe gone on a climbing trip in South America somewhere, or summited Denali? Show us pictures! Run a slideshow (or maybe something more live action, depending on how GoPro-y your party was) for the VOC! Everybody likes seeing cool pictures alongside stories of some type 2 fun

* Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

An exciting program of local and international outdoor adventure films and world class athletes/speakers including: climbers, skiers, cyclists, and environmental activists.  Music, food, door prizes, Q&As with directors, and live presentations about Mountain Culture and Sports.

February 12 - 20

Centennial Theatre (2300 Lonsdale Avenue), The Cinematheque (1131 Howe Street), Rio Theatre (1660 East Broadway), and Inlet Theatre (100 Newport Drive, Port Moody).

More info: (  or (604) 984-4484.

** Upcoming Trips

AST-1 Block C · Mon. Feb. 1st - Sun. Feb. 7th (
The VOC is once again partnering with Canada West Mountains to provide its members with discounted avalanche skills training (AST) courses, with the intent of helping mitigate the risks of backcountry winter activity. This is Block C of three AST-1 sessions
Note: All participants must be intermediate+ level skiers or snowboarders, i.e. able to handle various snow conditions – powder, crust, etc. Individuals who are interested in participating in a snowshoeing based should email me directly, as discounted snowshoeing-based prices are also available for public courses for members ($180).
Course descriptions
Courses must be filled before the course is confirmed to run. Students must provide their own ski or board gear for the weekend and must have avalanche (avy) kits. Avy kits can be rented for a cost from the CWM or can be borrowed from the VOC. Whistler backcountry passes are also necessary, as a portion of the course will take place at Whistler. This is included in the total cost of the course. The fee can be waived if you own a Whistler pass. Up to two courses (2 x 8 students) will be run per session, though more is possible if there is sufficient interest.


VOC Movie Night in the Clubroom · Wednesday, February 3rd (
Want to get together with friends and watch a movie in the clubroom? Will this is your chance! Please bring any snacks for yourself or that you may wish to share! We will start the movie around 8 PM and then hang out as long as people are keen for either in the clubroom, or at a nearby pub.
Please vote on the message board for what movie we will watch!

We need your help! UBC sustainability fair Feb 4th · Thursday, February 4th (
The VOC is also this year part of the UBC sustainability fair! Because respect of nature results in a sustainable mindset ;-)The VOC gets a table on Thursday Feb 4th from 10:00 to 15:00 in the Nest, at the Pit/clubroom level. We are there to promote the VOC and get some additional stoked members.
Come out and help us for an hour or so by standing at the booth and tell interested students about your amazing adventures with the club so far. We will also run an activity, likely table bouldering! Challenge your fellow students to climb around a table without touching the floor. Helping out during the sustainability fair counts as work hike hours (give back to the club for all the benefits your get as a member). You can sign up by editing the wiki page and enter yourself below for the times you are available to help out at the booth. See you there!


Intro to Backcountry Skiing · Sat. Feb. 6th - Sun. Feb. 7th (
Love skiing but tired of icy, crowded, and expensive resorts?
Then look no further!  This trip is just as it sounds, it is an introduction to skiing in the backcountry!  Location will be Fat Dog Creek in Manning Park.  The plan is to go up about 6.5km and tent in the snow, then ski some laps in the area. No backcountry ski experience is necessary, though participants must have spent some time on skis and should be able to descend a blue run cleanly in a resort.  While we will stick to easy terrain, the weight of an overnight pack makes skiing much more difficult, and thus, this trip is not suitable for those who haven't skied before.  Splitboarders and/or snowboarders with snowshoes are most certainly welcome, though I can't guarantee that an experienced snowboarder will be on the trip.  Participants must also have some overnight backpacking experience, and winter camping experience would definitely be helpful, as we are camping on snow.  Some good trips to go on to prepare for this one are Winter Longhike
(  and Tele School ( , for winter camping and telemark skiing respectively.  For what to bring, please refer to the VOC gear list ( under the winter overnight section.
I am also looking for experienced backcountry skiiers (with AST1 or equivalent) to help me lead this trip.  I'll limit the number of participants according to how many experienced people sign up and to how many car spots we have.  If the group is large, I will split it us up and send smaller groups to different locations to avoid congestion.  Questions?  Ask here (,115856) on the associated message board thread :)

Daughter of Ice · Sat. Feb. 6th - Mon. Feb. 8th (
The mountains are capped in white, the city is covered in grey, the rock is wet and cold – it must be ice climbing season!
Daughter of Ice is the VOC’s yearly introduction to the glorious world of swinging sharp things at ice. We are going to have lots of pure type 1 fun! There will be some basic instruction and tips on technique, ice anchors, and plenty of time to practice. Climbing ice is like nothing else you’ve ever done, and this is the perfect situation to try it out.
This year it will be held over the February long weekend at Marble Canyon, outside of Lillooet. Although it’s a ~5 hour drive, Marble Canyon is ideal for learning to climb ice, as the ice reliably forms and top-ropes can be set up with minimal gear. We can also car camp for free and with fires, just a quick 10 minute walk away from the ice! Depending on people’s wishes, we will leave either Friday afternoon, or Saturday morning. Cars may choose to leave at different times, as well. We will return on Monday after two full days of climbing.
This trip is mostly beginner friendly. You don’t have to know how to climb rock or ice, but camping experience is a necessity, and winter camping experience will help. It will be cold! It is important that everyone brings the right stuff, but, as we will be car camping, I encourage you to bring all of the warm things; two years ago, it was -20 C at night for Daughter of Ice!
At the pre-trip, we will discuss gear, vehicles, and tent/ food groups. If you do not know how to belay, or have never winter camped, you must attend the pre-trip. I’m going to limit the number of people going to Marble to 15, or roughly 3 cars, but if there’s lots of interest, smaller groups might be arranged to go elsewhere. If you have experience in ice climbing and winter camping, and want to help instruct, please send me an email, or post on the message board thread!
Disclaimer: we are not certified guides, just people who have done this before. Ice climbing is dangerous, and hazards include falling ice, climbing falls, sharp objects, and the cold.


Red Rocks Reading Week Climbing · Fri. Feb. 12th - Sun. Feb. 21st (
Segments stolen from previous trips:
The annual southern migration to get your rock climbing fix in Red Rocks Nevada over reading week! Woot! This is not beginner friendly, unless you find someone who is willing to teach you. I.e. This will be an entirely self-sufficient trip, meaning you must organize your own transportation, partner, gear etc. However, myself and a couple other VOCers will be down there so the more the merrier!
Climb sweet stuff like this:
Logistics-wise, Red Rocks is about a 20 hour drive to Red Rocks from Vancouver, so in many ways it is easier to fly and rent a vehicle. I myself will drive down and enjoy the roadtrip with 2-3 other wonderful people!
Email faff only, no pre-trip is planned as this is an informal, self-organized trip. I might have an extra space in my vehicle, so if you are keen to do some multipitch and cragging up to 5.10b or higher, feel free to inquire about spaces! Also, if other drivers end up being keen, we might be able to accommodate people directly.

Sphinx Hut and the Garibaldi Neve · Fri. Feb. 12th - Mon. Feb. 15th (
Last year Garibaldi Lake did not freeze for long and no one went up to Burton/Sphinx Hut for reading week. This year though it has been much colder. I would like to cross the Garibaldi Neve (Elfin-Garibaldi Lake, see Wiki page) and then spend a day (maybe more, maybe less) skiing around Sphinx Hut. This trip requires intermediate fitness because it is a 40km traverse, experience winter backcountry camping, AST1 or equivalent and preferably some knowledge of glaciers (G1 or equivalent).

** Message Board Highlights
-Garibaldi Lake froze! (,116383)

-Elliott Skierszkan needs help making acoffee table book (,116447) for the VOC Centennial.

-Sarah Taylor's looking for fellow skies for Ladies' Night at Seymour (,116291) , each Monday night.

-Christian Veenstra made crampons (,116456) for his toddler, Fenya.

** Ms Manners
Ms Manners is the VOC's resident expert on mountaineering and outdoors etiquette, and answers questions from VOCers once a week in her advice column, here. Do you have a question for Ms Manners? Email the VOCene editor and it will be forwarded on to Ms Manners, with a reply posted the following week.

Hey Ms Manners,

I've forgotten how to do hand jams. How do I hand jam?!

Still On The Rock

Hey Still,

No worries, it's a really intuitive technique but this has happened to me too. Follow the steps below:

1. Remove all rings or other hand-located jewelry.
2.Insert hand into rock crevice.
3. If hand doesn't catch during step 2, try making a fist or rotating hand laterally.
4. If the hand is still not jammed, consider either a more advanced arm or torso jam or a different crevice.

For more information, follow this instructional video:

(I'm assuming that, if you are literally still on the rock, you have a smart phone).

Good luck,
Ms Manners


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