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Varsity Outdoor Club
VOCene #35, Feb 23 2016

** In This Issue:

** Upcoming Trips

** Message Board Highlights

** Ms. Manners

** Upcoming Trips

Slideshow: New Zealand Adventures, Clemens Adolphs · Wednesday, February 24th,7:30 PM (

Come join us to hear tales of Clemens Adolphs' adventures in New Zealand!
Help Create the VOC Centennial Coffee Table Book! · Thursday, February 25th,6:00 PM (

As part of the VOC centennial next year, we're making a coffee table-style book filled with pictures and stories from across the VOC's history. Our agenda this meeting will be to brainstorm a vision for the book and figure out how exactly we're going to make this a reality!

Right Hand Man Stage Play · ( Thu. Feb. 25th - Sun. Feb. 28th (
A taut psychological drama. An ice climber recalls his marriage to a prominent environmentalist, and the tragic accident that killed her. A play about ice climbers, by Master's Playwright candidate Stacey Kaser. Free admission!

Evening Brew @ The Pit [Socia] · Thursday, February 25th (
CiTR campus radio is throwing a fundraiser/music night. Entry is $3 to help CiTR out. Live music!

North Face Pre-Sale! · Friday, February 26th (
Have you ever needed to buy a bunch of cold weather gear at about 50% off? Do you need to right now? The North Face has organized a presale Friday night with what sounds like pretty good deals for anybody who wants to go. RSVP via the eventbrite link.


Le Garibaldi Nevé · Fri. Feb. 26th - Sun. Feb. 28th (
THE classic mountaineering traverse of BC, the Neve is a must-do for anybody who enjoys backcountry skiing and/or glaciers. Stellar views on incredible terrain.


Slideshow: An Epic to Conquer Mount Churchill, Marcin Mirski and Dmitri Oguz · Wednesday, March 2nd (
Come and join us to hear about Marcin and Dmitri's epic to conquer Mount Churchill!


Elfin Lakes · Sat. Mar. 5th - Sun. Mar. 6th (
Elfin Lakes Shelter/Hotel is a massive hut located on Paul Ridge in Garibaldi Park. It has fantastic views of the Garibaldi massif and great skiing (if you're into that) off nearby Paul Ridge. This should be pretty beginner-friendly.

Intermediate-friendly ski trip with a focus on trip organizing, looking out for people, leaving no one behind etc etc. · Sat. Mar. 5th - Sun. Mar. 6th (
Backcountry skiing done right.

** Message Board Highlights
-The Gearswap faff has begun! Post your gear for sale here. (,116773)
-Spencer's selling (,116688) a 2-person 4-season tent.
-Clemens wants togo hunt for powder. (,116786,116889#msg-116889)
-The Squamish climbing faff begins anew. (,116873)

** Ms Manners
Ms Manners is the VOC's resident expert on mountaineering and outdoors etiquette, and answers questions from VOCers once a week in her advice column, here. Do you have a question for Ms Manners? Email the VOCene editor and it will be forwarded on to Ms Manners, with a reply posted the following week.

Hello Ms Manners,

I've never gone on skiing trips were there weren't outhouses around. If I'm up on a glacier for a few days... how do I poop? Can I just dig a pit or is it more complicated?

This Would Have Been A Good Place For A Pun Or Something

Trips across snowfields will require you to take out whatever you, er, take in. It's not like you can dig a deep hole and bury it in a big pile of dirt somewhere remote and assume it's basically fertilizer; there is nothing up there that will decompose it for you. Instead, you're going to have to carry it out.

While plenty of people tend to just try to hold off on pooping for a few days, this is not necessarily a healthy thing to be doing and you should definitely pack for the possibility. If everybody just pooped in the backcountry, all the popular routes would resemble the Brown Brick Road within a few years.

You'll want:
-Toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
-A sturdy container. Old Nalgene water bottles are pretty good, as long as you don't someday decide to drink out of it. I strongly recommend marking it in some way as a poo container. 'CAUTION: CONTAINS HUMAN EXCREMENT' is pretty hard to miss, although the less verbose amongst us might simply opt for 'POO'. Try hassling the VOCers in life science and biology vocations for RG2 biohazard labels.
-Bags. Doggie bags are pretty good. Garbage bags are a bit oversized. Also, after you've shut it, if it's airtight but has a large amount of air inside, there might be certain... air pressure-related issues when you lose a few thousand meters of altitude. Thus the need for secondary containment.

You'll probably be able to figure out most of the rest yourself. I will say that in the summer and fall it's best to put it into the Nalgene and then leave the container out in the snow for the night to chill as this can help with the smell.

Best of luck,
Ms Manners


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