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Date : 2016-03-01
Description : VOCene #36 2016
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Varsity Outdoor Club
VOCene #36, March 1 2016

** In This Issue:

** Recent Trips
Upcoming Trips

** Message Board Highlights

** Ms. Manners

** Recent Trips
* Kevin et al hit the rapids in Copper Creek ( recently.
* Several VOCers (Kevin again, actually) did yet more whitewater kayaking throughHagan Creek ( .
* Daughter of Ice ( apparently went well. Pretty pictures included.
* Yet another Brew Trip! (
* The Burns 'n Turns Epic, in 3 parts: Total Eclipse ( , Burned And Turned Around ( , and the Theme Song (
* Artem (Tall Artem, as opposed to President Artem) and Nick Gobin tackled the Judge ( .

** Special Features
* Neil Mackenzie Adventure Grant

Neil Mackenzie was one of the VOC's most talented members, and one of its most enthusiastic and capable teachers, until his tragic death in January 2015 on Mount Joffre with Stephanie Grothe and Elena Cernicka. To preserve and honor Neil Mackenzie's memory, Neil Mackenzie's parents and the VOC are working together to provide a grant for any VOCer planning really cool outdoors shenanigans somewhere in the world. The preference is for climbing in Scotland, but any self-propelled outdoors adventure which you couldn't do without this grant is fair game. If you have a big idea for a trip somewhere in the world, but particularly in Scotland, you might want to apply for this grant. Full details are here:
( . Deadline for submissions is January 29, 2016.
* Journal Submissions

We are now accepting submissions for the yearly VOC Journal. The deadline is (tentatively) Feb 1, so if you've had any crazy VOC-related adventures, now's the time to immortalize them in text.
* Call for Tele-School Instructors

Calling all experienced telemark lovers!
The VOC needs YOU!

I'm organising 2016's telemark ski school on 23rd January at Mt. Seymour and of course we need instructors! If you can help out please sign up as an instructor on the Wiki: [ ( ]
As an instructor, you're pass will be paid for by your mentees and you'll have the gratitude and love of the VOC. As you can see on the Wiki there are different levels of ability.
Trip page: [ ( ]

Many thanks!

** Upcoming Trips

Roundtable discussion - selecting terrain, assessing risks, managing people etc. Experienced folks welcome to chime in! 6pm, · Wednesday, March 2nd (
Pretrip/safe skiing discussion for this weekend's skiing trip.

Slideshow- Eating Bush: An Epic to Conquer Mount Churchill, Marcin Mirski and Dmitri Oguz, 7:30pm, · Wednesday, March 2nd (
Marcin and Dmitri recount their epic.


Elfin Lakes · Sat. Mar. 5th - Sun. Mar. 6th (
Elfin Lakes is really nice, and the skiing nearby is excellent at the moment. You should go.

Explore Snowspider Hut on Skis · Sat. Mar. 5th - Mon. Mar. 7th (
Snowspider Hut is a tiny little hut in a really picturesque area. The trip's a bit tentative for the moment.

Intermediate-friendly ski trip with a focus on trip organizing, looking out for people, leaving no one behind etc etc. · Sat. Mar. 5th - Sun. Mar. 6th (
Always practice safe skiing.


VOC Hosts Best of VIMFF! Fundraiser! · Tuesday, March 8th (
It is that time of year again where the VOC Hosts the Best of VIMFF! This is a fundraiser event.


Intermediate/Advanced Spearhead Traverse · Sat. Mar. 12th - Sun. Mar. 13th (
The only traverse that arguably has better views than the Neve, this is a difficult but rewarding trip. Side trips up the nearby peaks optional but recommended.

Beginnger Friendly: Snowshoeing Daytrip at Mount Seymour · Sunday, March 13th  (
Beginners welcome! If you haven't skied before, this trip is for you.

** Message Board Highlights
* Team Bad Idea have posted another rafting TR. (,117035) An unforgettable epic of truck fires, pleasant locals, and fun of all types.
* Matteo's Neve trip (,116353) went well.
* Emily's looking for a level 3 kayak guide. (,117027)
* A bold new method of placing ice screws has been developed which will surely change the sport forever (,116920) .

** Ms Manners
Ms Manners is the VOC's resident expert on mountaineering and outdoors etiquette, and answers questions from VOCers once a week in her advice column, here. Do you have a question for Ms Manners? Email the VOCene editor and it will be forwarded on to Ms Manners, with a reply posted the following week.

Nothing from Ms Manners this week, sorry.


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