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VOCene #14 2005/2006-January 11th-2005

I am not a particularly superstitious individual but I do appreciate that the number thirteen is regarded as being unlucky, and as it turns out, due to some “e-lectronical problem”, I have lost track of where we left off in our count of VOCene’s prior to the Christmas break. So I decided to skip thirteen altogether (or not repeat it) and instead we find ourselves at fourteen. Fourteen is a good number for many reasons, but none better than this simple truth: fourteen days ago many of the active members of this outdoor club were enjoying well deserved Christmas breaks from the Coast to the Rockies to the southern deserts, and many places in between. Stories of kayak trips, ice climbing, rock climbing, skiing, and good social gatherings in the holiday spirit with friends and family are ablaze, and it is clear that this fire of new experiences will continue to burn strong throughout the coming term. So come on out to a meeting, social event or trip, and add a little fuel to our fire.
In this VOCene:

1.      Voc Avalanche Course-January 21st and 22nd
2.      Winter Longhike-Jan 28th and 29th
3.      Intro backcountry skiing trip- Feb 12th and 13th
1.	Our Journal editor is putting the word out…
2.	Return club Gear, you know who you are, and so do we.
3.	We need slideshows
1.      Ice Climbing by Kdawg
1.	VIMFF is seeking volunteers
2.	upcoming ACC meeting and slideshow
3.	Chic Scott and the making of the Eiger Sanction

1. Avalanche School
This one is all full, but if you are one of the lucky ones stay tuned to the message board for future developments because the 21st is coming fast.

2. Winter Longhike
When: January 28th and 29th
Who: you
Leaders and organizers: Ellan Morgan and Sandra Nicol
What: This trip is an overnight trip to a yet to be determined location and all are welcome, people on foot, snowshoes or even skis. This is a introductory winter camping trip that will include snow cave instruction, and other basics of winter camping. 

3. Intro backcountry skiing
When: Feb 12th and 13th
This one is in the works and still needs instructors, but is focused on skiing in the backcountry. Some previous ski experience is recommended. Sign up sheet outside the clubroom.

1. The journal editor aka Ellan, has put out the word that stories, poems and yes, even essays are not only welcome but expected from all those who have been outside this year. There are no guidelines, all stories are welcome. If it crosses the line, don’t worry that’s why we have the editor. Start working on them now.


3. We need some slideshows for the coming term so if you have one you would like to do, Wednesday nights are still the time.

1. Trip report by Krystil Koethler;

On December 15th to the 21st Nick Elson and I went ice climbing in the 
Rockies. We climbed Cascade Falls (near Banff), Guinness Gully (near 
Field), the beginning of the Left Side of the Weeping Wall then finished up 
Sniveling Gully (up the Ice Fields Parkway), in Grotto Canyon (near 
Canmore), Professor Falls (near Banff), and a root on Loder peak called 
Coire Dubh Integrale. The climbing was totally sweet, at the time the ice 
was good, and the weather was amazing. All in all 3 bling fo� shizzle, that 
means that it was a great trip. I learnt quite a bit, here are two thoughts 
(hopefully at least one of them will make you smile);

1. There is nothing easy about ice climbing; props and respect to all of 
you hard-men and hard-women out there who endure the elements, and 
psychological aspects of ice climbing on a regular basis. (Props also to 
Nick for leading like a hard-core homie).

2. The REAL reason that Chris ODonald is swinging his arms around when he 
jumps the gap in Vertical Limit is because hes probably trying to get 
some f---ing feeling back in his hands, because they are probably nearly 
f---ing frozen!


1. Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival is now looking for volunteers for its 9th annual event, February 17-26, 2006. If you think you could get involved or if you know of somebody else who would like to help in one of the below areas please contact Alan Formanek at, (604) 990-1505 at your earliest convenience.

VIMFF 2006 Volunteer Positions

1. Volunteer coordinator: URGENT
Timeframe: now till end of February, ongoing
Duties: coordinate other volunteers for the actual festival in February, as well as for VIMFF pre-festival booths (MEC and Outdoor Show)

2. Film pre-viewing
Timeframe: now till end of January, mostly during weekends and some weekdays evenings
Duties: preview films and give feedback for film selection

3. Poster and flyer distribution
Timeframe: between mid-January and early February
Duties: display festival posters and distribute flyers in your area

4. Guest service coordinator
Timeframe: February 10-26, loose schedule
Duties: making sure that all guest speakers coming to the festival are taken care of (picked up, transported to the hotel and venues)

5. Festival lobby staff – a number of people wanted
Timeframe: February 17-26 (or a few specific dates between Feb 17-26)
Duties: various

Volunteers will receive various compensation for their work, depending on the amount of time and effort spent, including free festival tickets, t-shirts and outdoor items from sponsors.

2. Alpine Club of Canada-January 2006 meeting of the Vancouver Section will be
Tuesday, January 24 at 7:30 pm at Van Dusen Gardens West 37th and Oak Street

Slide Show: "In Search of Wild Places" by Chris Cooper.

A 42 day ski expedition from Ellesmere Island to Coburg Island, climbing 6
peaks on Coburg and returning over Glacier Strait and the icecaps of
Ellesmere Island.

3. Chic Scott & the 
Making of The Eiger SanctionFilm history and climbing culture featured in this entertaining look at a Hollywood cult classic
January 14, 2006     7 pm   (9 pm show cancelled)
Squamish, BC - Eagle Eye Theatre

In today’s age of lawsuits and liability it would be unlikely to find Hollywood stars like Clint Eastwood dangling precariously 4,000 feet above the foreboding ice, snow and rock on the Eiger’s north face. But renowned Canadian guide, mountaineer and writer Chic Scott remembers a different era, before cinematic sleight of hand and blue screens became the norm, when climbing films were as dangerous to make as the pastime they portrayed. 

Thirty years after working on the classic climbing film The Eiger Sanction, Scott comes to Squamish’s Eagle Eye Theatre (Howe Sound Secondary School), Saturday, January 14 at 7 pm, with his collection of “behind the scenes” slides and clips from the film to tell the story of another era in adventure movie making
Quote of the Week: “To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of the arts.” Henry David Thoreau
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