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VOCene #15 2005/2006-January 20th-2005

The VOC executive would like to offer our condolences to the family and friends of Aidan Oloman. Although not a member of our club, many of our members were present at, and inspired by, her recent slideshow from her trip to China. Aidan's life was taken last week in a massive snow slide near Fernie B.C. Our hearts and thoughts are with Aidan's family and friends during this difficult time.
In this VOCene:

1.      Winter Longhike-Jan 28th and 29th
2.      Intro backcountry skiing trip- Feb 12th and 13th
3.	Tele-skiing on Cypress Feb. 4th and 6th
4.	Red Rocks trip is in the works.
1.	Journal submission deadline: February 21st.
2.	Return club Gear, you know who you are, and so do we.
3.	We need slideshows
4. 	Thanks to Ben Watt for fixing the hang board from Dani and the rest    of the exec.
1.	VIMFF is coming
2.	Upcoming ACC meeting and slideshow
3.	Free online Avalanche Training Course from Canadian Avalanche Association

1. Avalanche School
This one is all full and is happening as this Vocene is being typed

2. Winter Longhike
When: January 28th and 29th
Who: you
Leaders and organizers: Ellen Morgan and Sandra Nicol
What: This trip is an overnight trip to a yet to be determined location and all are welcome, people on foot, snowshoes or even skis. This is a introductory winter camping trip that will include snow cave instruction, and other basics of winter camping. 

3. Intro backcountry skiing
When: Feb 12th and 13th
This one is in the works and still needs instructors, but is focused on skiing in the backcountry. Some previous ski experience is recommended. Sign up sheet outside the clubroom.

4. RedRocks for reading break is in the works; check the message board 
for updates

1. The journal editor aka Ellen, has put out the word that stories, poems and yes, even essays are not only welcome but expected from all those who have been outside this year. There are no guidelines, all stories are welcome. If it crosses the line, donít worry thatís why we have the editor. Start working on them now because the final day for submissions is February 21st.


3. We need some slideshows for the coming term so if you have one you would like to do, Wednesday nights is still the time.

4. Thanks Ben Watt for fixing the hang board from Dani and the rest of the executive.
None this week, stay tuned

1. Alpine Club of Canada-January 2006 meeting of the Vancouver Section will be Tuesday, January 24 at 7:30 pm at Van Dusen Gardens West 37th and Oak Street Vancouver

Slide Show: "In Search of Wild Places" by Chris Cooper.

A 42 day ski expedition from Ellesmere Island to Coburg Island, climbing 6
peaks on Coburg and returning over Glacier Strait and the icecaps of
Ellesmere Island.

2. Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival is now looking for volunteers for its 9th annual event, February 17-26, 2006. If you think you could get involved or if you know of somebody else who would like to help in one of the below areas please contact Alan Formanek at, (604) 990-1505 at your earliest convenience.

3. Vancouver Ė One month from today, on February 17, 2006, the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF) will be launching its 9th Annual Event. Multi-media presentations by international and local guest speakers, mountain films from all corners of the world, Mountain Photography Contest and Exhibition, VIMFF Youth Community Program, special events and interactive seminars will be offered to festival audiences in Greater Vancouver from February 17-26, 2006.

VIMFF traditionally brings to Vancouver world celebrities of mountaineering, climbing, skiing and mountain biking, and pairs them up with the back yard heroes, fringe personalities of the climbing world and with film screenings, photographic competition and exhibition, book readings, interactive seminars and special events in a forum intended to bring people together, to inspire. VIMFF supports young emerging Canadian filmmakers and innovative ways of creating a theatrical mountain experience.

VIMFF 2006 Festival guest presenters include:
Alain Robert (France), a.k.a. the French Spiderman, famous for climbing the tallest artificial structures in the world in the purest style of free solo (without ropes, artificial aid and insurance);
Greg Child (Australia/USA), one of the most accomplished climbers of all times, with a number of alpine-style break-through ascents to his credit, and a well-published author;
Klem Loskot (Austria), Austrian climbing Kraftwerk, specializing in bouldering and deep water soloing (climbing above the sea level with no protection and with salt water as his crash pad); also a filmmaker and inspiration presenter;
Katy Holm and Katherine Fraser (Canada), local female alpine climbing talents, bringing stories from their epic climbs in the remote areas of China;
Piotr Pustelnik (Poland), the most successful contemporary Polish high-altitude climber, very short of climbing all highest peaks on the planet;
Dave Dornian and Jeremy Frimer (Canada), our own alpine talents, bringing stories from the St.Elias Range in Yukon and from the Karakoram mountains in Pakistan;
Isabel Budke and Barry Mason (Canada), members of the North Shore Search and Rescue Team, relating the epic events of the May 2005 Mount Logan climb and rescue operation;
Ian Hylands (Canada), local highly acclaimed mountain biking photographer;
Kari Medig (Canada), young talented skier, climber and photographer, bringing images from the longest ski traverses in North America and Eastern Europe;
John Grace (USA), world class kayaker, filmmaker and photographer. 

Festival program, detailed information about the festival guest speakers, as well as other festival information are now available at the festival website, Film programming will be confirmed and updated on the festival website before January 30, 2006. Festival venues include Centennial Theatre (North Vancouver), MacMillan Space Centre (Planetarium, Vancouver), North Vancouver District Public Library (Capilano and Parkgate Branches), and Eaglesí Hall (North Vancouver). Tickets are available at Mountain Equipment Co-op (Vancouver and North Vancouver Stores), and at the Centennial Theatre, 2300 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, (604) 984-4484.

4. Free online Avalanche Training course offered by Canadian Avalanche Association.
Here is the link:

Quote of the Week: I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance.  Socrates (from Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers
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