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Date : 2016-12-20
Description : VOCene #34 2016
Content :
Adventures make one late for dinner.
Photo of the Week: Emily (not) skiing down First Pump at Mount Seymour whilst gazing at downtown and the sunset. Picture taken by Vincent Chan-Ying.
Spearhead huts (  updates from the ACC:
* The Spearhead Huts project has received charitable status and is now able to offer tax receipts for all donations. All of the funds must be publically raised.
* Spearhead Huts crowd funding campaign: funds will go towards the construction of the first hut, the Kees and Claire Hut, at Russet Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Upcoming Trips

New Year's at Phelix (
December 25 - January 2 --- Phelix Hut
A loosely organized traditional trip for New Years. Can attend for any of the days. Sign-up on the Wiki.
Past Trips
Ms. Manners enjoys sharing your trip pictures. Please send them her way (so that she doesn't have to harrass you to get them)!
Trip reports: Don't forget to write your trip reports and submit them to the VOC journal!
Message Board Notes
* Gear hours (,120952) over the winter holiday
* Calling out for slideshow storytellers! (,120915)
* Tire chains (,120756)
* Safety leash on tech bindings (,120924)
* Mt. Rainier 2017, looking for group (,120918)
* Building solar lighting at Harrison Hut (,120186)
* FS and free stuff (,120949)
* Looking for short ski screws (,120928)

Ms. Manners
Ms. Manners is away and shall answer your questions next week. Ms. Manners looks forward to hearing your family/holiday related questions or rants, so send them to the VOCene editor and she will pass them along!
Ms. Manners is the VOC's resident expert on mountaineering and outdoors etiquette. Do you have a question for Ms. Manners? Email the VOCene editor and it will be forwarded on to Ms. Manners.

VOCene #34, Dec. 20 2016

Ye Olde VOC:
A weekly recollection of the past of the club.

Sphinx Camp was an annual tradition within the VOC for many years. Groups ranging from 30-70 people would head up for a few weeks of skiing around Sphinx Bay with helicopter food drops.
Quote of the Week:

"Barring love and war, few enterprises are undertaken with such abandon, or by such diverse individuals, or with so paradoxical a mixture of appetite and altruism, as that group of avocations known as outdoor recreation."
— Aldo Leopold

Weekly recipe:
Every now and then I'll include a recipe from the VOC wiki ( here. Try them out and share yours!

For questions, comments, or rants contact your clueless VOCene editor/Ms. Manners:
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