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Two out of Three-Triple Peak on Labor day.

Mountains on the island are something of an enigma to many mainlanders,myself included. Mostly because the ferries make logistics a pain and we have lots of pointy things to climb on this side of the pond, on both sides of the … Continue reading

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Cousin of Cave aka FAFF-FEST 2017

Participants: Nick Hindley, Tanner Dobson, Heather Filyk, George Hill, Kelsey Miller, Alastair White, Summer Ash, Aaron Yeung, Weiting Hsieh, Harlin Brandvold. Non-VOC participants: Felix Ossig-Bonanno, Alex Thexton, Ryan Edwards.   Day 1 - Written by George Hill Two full cars made … Continue reading

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Will run for pulled pork: 3rd Annual Harvest Hustle & Post Run Feast

The 3rd Annual Harvest Hustle was a throw back to the inaugural event. In other words – rainy, wet, and totally typical of Vancouver. I spent the entire week leading up to the run checking the weather forecast and silently … Continue reading

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Iron Chef at Brew Hut

The snow stared falling about half way up the logging road, as we snuggled in the back of the car. After arriving at the trail head, we leisurely hiked to Brew Hut, making it there in less than three hours. … Continue reading

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G2: oh Shucks, Son, we almost made it (Mt. Shuksan pre-summit)

September 9-10, 2017 Eight hopeful glacier enthusiasts wake up Saturday morning to expand their glacier-travel skills and attempt to conquer Mt. Shuksan. Zack Wentz leads the group, but also includes a Swiss Mountaineer for 16 years, Pascale Vonaesch, who was … Continue reading

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We climbed some ice!

Written by Alannah Wallace about Daughter of Ice, 2017 (posted for her because she is crazy busy with school and doesn’t have time to mess around with the photo system) Before I left for the trip I said to myself … Continue reading

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Asulkan Valley Base Camp

The original scheme for this trip was to ski some big lines in one of the more seldom visited, but undeniably magnificent areas of Southwest BC; The Tantalus Range. In the days leading up to the pre-trip however, conditions were … Continue reading

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Fay’s non-technical trip report of the Lizzy Lake workhike

I registered for membership in the VOC. I dropped my fee off during the Gear Hours. I signed up for a trip that seemed interesting. I went to the pre-meeting and….found myself the only one not wearing outdoor apparel in … Continue reading

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Lead Ladder 2016

This year the Lead Ladder weekend took place on July 2-3 and was again a huge success. On Saturday we practiced gear placements at the Sugarloaf area in Murrin Park and on Sunday we set out in teams of two … Continue reading

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Black Tusk Trail Race: The Sunny Rendition

Sept 21, 2016 Short Summary and Beta: Geneviève Savard and I (Elliott Skierszkan) did a trail run up and down Black Tusk with fantastic weather. The roundtrip took 5 hours. Beta: there is lots of it online, but the jist … Continue reading

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