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Trip Leader Workshop - How do I get involved? · Tuesday, April 19th

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

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Organized by: Katharina Rothe.

Start: Tuesday, Apr. 19th, 7:30 pm
End: Tuesday, Apr. 19th, 9:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: VOC Clubroom


Requirements: none; Preparation: Think about a possible trip and maybe, read the suggested wiki pagePlease bring your laptop or a tablet (to share within a group of 3).


Hello future and current trip enthusiasts!

Have you ever considered running your own (little or big) trip, but don't feel quite ready? Or, maybe you do feel ready but need some beta? Have you lead trips in the past and would like to contribute your wisdom, expertise and share experiences? You are all wanted! Please sign up and let me know if you would like to be a mentor or new trip leader! Thanks.   

The goal is that you will be able to walk out of this workshop with a worksheet (and maybe a mentor) that outlines all the necessary steps and ideas to make your own trip happen; or for the experts, that your wisdom and knowledge has been transferred to someone else!

There will be some structure to this workshop, mostly to keep us on time and to cover the “Essentials”, but it will also largely depend on your participation : ) There will be lots of smaller group work (a mix of experts and novices for specific terrain and conditions on various trips), some fun activities, and the hope that this idea will carry forward and more fun and safe trips can take place.

Currently, I'm thinking of the following subdivisions, but it depends on your wishes/ideas/expertise:

  • Spring / Summer / Fall Hiking trips
  • Climbing Trips
  • Skiing / Snowboarding / Snowshoeing Trips
  • Workhikes for huts and trails
  • Bike Touring
  • Trail Running

Please use the message board to suggest other possible trip groups or to ask questions, make comments or to start discussions. The message board is one of your best tools to connect with people and to get any word out, it’s one of your “essentials” for a successful trip J

Lastly, I know it is Finals season. If you want to participate, but this day does not work for you at all, please suggest a better day on the message board. Thanks. 

Cheers!  Kat


PS: Why do I organize this?

It’s probably the best way I can currently give back to the club and to encourage more trips aka VOC style. I have a passion for teaching and love to put in all the creativity I can’t make use of in science ;) Also, I’m hoping to start a recorded lesson plan series that can be used by anyone in the future to base such workshops on. 

Posted: 2016-04-04 14:04:36
Last modified: 2016-04-19 10:08:01