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Thanksgiving at Brew - Alpine Art, Photo School, and Fantastic Feasting. (Beginner friendly) · Sat. Oct. 8th - Mon. Oct. 10th

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

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Organized by: Nathan Starzynski.

Start: Saturday, Oct. 8th, 6:00 am
End: Monday, Oct. 10th, 8:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting: Wednesday, Oct. 5th, 7:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: Clubroom or Outside Clubroom (Bottom floor Nest towards Old SUB)


Want to spend Thanksgiving with wonderful people? Eat good food? Drink mulled wine? Learn to take fantastic photos and video? Share and practice your artistic talents? Visit an alpine hut with incredible views over the Coast Mountains?

This trip is for you! It's a holiday long weekend, so an incredible chance to make friends and adventure in style. 

The plan is to leave on Saturday morning for the Brew Hut ( We will be travelling up the Roe Creek FSR and hiking up. The trail is supposedly well flagged, but can be difficult to follow. I've never actually been to Brew, but will follow GPS waypoints if needed. On the hike up, we will have ample time to chat and take mandatory adventure photos for our social media and dating profiles. It's safe to say that we should arrive at the hut by late afternoon.

The hut can sleep 10 people spaciously and 16+ cramped. Others who may want more peace and quiet can set up a tent outside, although they may need to clear a spot. 

Once settled in, I will give a talk about some basic photography principles and tips, and then we can begin shooting. Those who don't have cameras can share, model, pursue their own artistic endeavours, or hang out.

Photo from Duncan Sadava on Outdoor Project. Check out this summary of the trip for some great photos (taken last September!)

Brew Hut looking West. Photo: Duncan Sadava

The views from the hut are incredible in all directions, so we should get some amazing light over the landscape, especially at sunrise and sunset. Brew Lake is about a 2km walk away from the hut, so we can hike back there on the first evening. Brave souls can swim in however many or few clothes they wish.

Presuming that the skies are clear, we can continue our artistic pursuits into the evening, and practice some night photography, hopefully to the sounds of beautiful musical instruments and singing. The moon sets just a bit before midnight, but no promises on being able to see stars.

Sunday we will be taking day essentials, and heading out for an exploratory adventure towards Brew Peak and further along the Alcoholic Traverse. If the weather is not ideal, we can stick closer to the hut, have fun, and make art. In the evening, we'll have a communal Thanksgiving dinner and general celebrating with mulled mine and Brew brews. Those that are interested can continue photoing and arting into the evening. Liquid courage works to break down mental boundaries to creative pursuits (including writing trip descriptions/reports), and can often lead to some memorable pictures with their rightful place in the trip report.

Monday we will attempt an early morning wakeup (weather dependant) to meditate, do yoga, and jumping jack our minds back to full power. During the morning, we can finish off our beautiful paintings, get those last minute alpine photos, and relax. Nap if you want. Smaller groups can also break off and go for short walks around the area if they are accompanied by an experienced member. We will aim to leave by noon or 1PM.

Drivers can choose to stop at their favourite Squamish Brew Pub, Yummy Fried Chicken joint, or even their local sushi spot. 

Unfortunately, I won't be bringing my 20lb iMac into the alpine, so can't teach in depth post processing (makes your photos go from nice to NatGeo quality). I can give some run downs on the basic principles via Photoshop for the iPhone and Instagram (seriously, these are some of the best tools for becoming a better photographer).



This will be a beefed up version of the summer overnight gear list, and will be communicated closer to the pre trip meeting. Weather will surely be below 10 degrees during the day, and most definitely drop below zero at night. It will be chilly. Pack and plan accordingly. 


As this is a fall trip, nearly anything can happen (sunshine, hail, thick fog, thunderstorm, snow, cats and dogs). It has already snowed in the alpine this year, and if it precipitates over the weekend, expect rainy rain hiking up and snowy snow up high. We will have a better idea of the expected weather by the pre trip. No matter the weather, the show must go on.


It would be nice if everyone could pitch in and contribute to a communal Thanksgiving feast on Sunday. Let us know what you may be interested in bringing, and we can plan further once there is an idea of how many people may be committed.

The below photo was taken at the Glacier School campsite in 2014. Brew is somewhere along the ridge in the left midground. Expect similar views, just as good wine, and the knowledge of how to take photos like this. 

Triple whisperlite wine cooking power. Glacier School 2014.

Rumour has it that my time has passed and it wouldn't be fair if I competed in the photo contest this year. I hope to pass on enough skills to have a seriously hard time judging the entries, and this will probably be the only artistically focused trip until the weather warms up again in the spring. 


Posted: 2016-09-21 20:06:21
Last modified: 2016-10-06 16:07:52