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Eagle Bluffs and Black Mountain Hike from Cypress Ski Resort · Saturday, October 29th

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Organized by: Tim Fisher.

Start: Saturday, Oct. 29th, 9:00 am
End: Saturday, Oct. 29th, 5:00 pm


All attendees have been contacted with the meeting location near Burrard Station for 9am Saturday. If you haven't received your email please contact the trip leader.


This trip is suitable for everyone and there is no limit on attendance as it is a very popular 1 day walk suitable for beginners. The trip is a great opportunity to meet other members of the club, and perhaps even see some snow! The trip will involve meeting for car pooling in downtown Vancouver then heading to Cypress Provincial Park just a half hour drive from the city. 

We'll walk from the Cypress Mountain Ski Resort Carpark to Eagle Bluffs via the two summits of Black Mountain. On a clear day the walk is considered by many as the best vantage point on Vancouver's North Shore. We'll pass cabin lake, along with numerous other subalpine lakes as along the serene forest trail.

Pack a lunch, wear sturdy (and hopefully dry) footwear and bring a raincoat. Please remember to wear warm clothes!

To view the walk on a map view this link:

The trip leader can be contacted on 6044997595


Final Details


Hello Everyone,

It is exciting how many people have signed up for this trip, and we are going to have a fantastic time! The trip will proceed even with rain, as ubc-voc can always have fun even with a light sprinkle.
Your drivers are Tim Fisher (me), Angelina Mak, Gavin White, Josh Ma and Rachel Baldwin with a total of 23 seats. That's everyone who signed up! Yay
Please either
1. Arrive to Burrard Train Station for 9am and meet a driver in the pickup area on the corner of Burrard and Dunsmuir, on Dunsmuir St.
2. or, Contact any driver of your choosing directly and arrange a more convenient pickup prior to heading to Burrard Train Station for 9am
Angelina's car is already full with Josephine, Sreeparna, Katie and Lukas.
All drivers if you have an empty seats please come to the meetup location near Burrard Train Station on your way to Cypress Ski Resort, or someone will be missing out. All seats in your car must be full for this to work.
We'll convene at Cypress Ski Resort carpark to start the walk (10am)
- A packed lunch
- warm clothes and footwear you feel comfortable to wear hiking (up to 9km)
- A rain coat / rain resistant jacket
- A small contribution for fuel for your driver is usually welcomed
Any complications on the way or last minute details - call Tim on 6044997595

Regards, Tim

Actually going:

 1. Sebastian Wittekindt; Says -> I would need a ride please <3
 2. Ellie Mallinson; Says -> Fair amount of hiking
 3. Olivia Hester; Says -> need a ride
 4. Celine Leroudier; Says -> Ride
 5. Angelina Makstar of life; Can drive 5; Says -> Some hiking, I have hiked this trail before 
 6. Josephine J. Lee; Says -> would need a ride, please!
 7. Sreeparna Vappala; Says -> want a ride!
 8. Katie Edge; Says -> would need a ride please :)
 9. Lukas Ruppert; Says -> I need a ride :)
 10. Harlin Brandvold; Says -> A lot of Hiking (will need a ride)
 11. Cindy Vinette; Says -> I would need a ride please :) 
 12. James Hammond; Says -> I will need a ride :)
 13. Cameron Peterson; Says -> i would need a ride
 14. James Whitesidestar of life; Says -> I would love to go but would need a ride
 15. Noor Shaikh; Says -> I would need a ride please :)
 16. Gavin White; Can drive 4; Says -> I can take 3 people in my car from UBC.
 17. Tim Fisher; Can drive 4; Says -> I'm driving. Seats will be allocated to those in need in order of signup
 18. Josh Mastar of life; Can drive 5; Says -> I'm driving
 19. Christopher Khoury; Says -> Would appreciate a ride !
 20. Fay Chen; Says -> I want a ride plz:)
 21. Rachel Baldwin; Can drive 5
 22. Liam Tracy; Says -> Looking for a ride! :)
 23. Marcos Moura; Says -> I'd like a ride
Total number of car spaces in this list is 23

Waiting List: Anna Callava

Posted: 2016-10-23 22:26:24
Last modified: 2016-10-28 21:01:40