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Son of Rock - Learn to Rock Climb in Squamish! · Sat. May. 6th - Sun. May. 7th

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

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Organized by: Byron Wilson.

Start: Saturday, May. 6th, 8:00 am
End: Sunday, May. 7th, 6:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting: Wednesday, May. 3rd, 6:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: WOOD 1


UPDATE: Pre-trip meeting is tonight! Instructors arrive at 6pm, and Students can show up late at 630

This is the annual spring climbing instructional event in Squamish.  This is for people who have never before touched real rock, all the way up to learning to lead trad (and possibly introduction to multi-pitch this year!).  This event includes one day of instruction on Saturday and an optional day of climbing on Sunday.  Camping will be done up the Squamish Valley, where there are no reservations and the camping is primative in nature. The pre-trip meeting on May 3rd in Woodward 1 is generally mandatory to arrange rides and instructors.  We have harnesses, shoes and helmets (yes, you absolutely need a helmet or we will not let you climb) for rent from the club, but you will need your own belay device and locking carabiner (but these can be shared between two people if you take the intro course, rock 1). More details can be found on the Wiki page.


Climbing levels are:

1. Learn to Rock Climb: Suitable for anyone who has never climbed or who doesn't know how to belay. Here you will learn how to belay, how to make the most important knots (esp. Figure of 8), how to check your and your partner's knot and harness and you will climb real rock. If time permits, we can also let you rappel.

2. Learn to Build Top-Rope Anchors:  For those who know how to top-rope belay and tie in for top-rope climbing, but want to learn how to set-up their own top-rope anchors on bolts and trees. We will also teach you how to clean anchors and how to rappel from your anchors. You will learn some more knots and learn about anchor gear. If you already climbed a lot at climbing gyms for example then this is for you.

3. Learn to Lead ClimbStudents participating in Rock 3 are expected to be proficient at top-rope belaying, at building and cleaning a top-rope anchor, and rappelling (Rock 2 or equivalent highly reccomended). Rock 3 is intended to introduce students to lead climbing and lead belaying. Upon completion of Rock 3, students should have the skills necessary to go single-pitch sport climbing at Chek, Area 44 or Skaha for example.

4. Learn to Trad Climb.  This is for people who are experienced at top-roping, setting up top-rope anchors, rappeling, lead belaying (and preferably know how to lead sport) and want to learn how to place traditional lead protection properly.

If you would like to see a thorough rundown on cirriculum for each level, please see this attached link:

Logistics for the event (car groups, food groups, tent groups, instructor group locations, etc) will be arranged via this Google Sheet: If you plan to attend the pre-trip, please bring a computer or smartphone such that you can update your logistics plans on this sheet. 

How to sign-up:

We will try to get a spot in a course for everyone, however depending on how many people sign up this may not be possible. To increase your chances of getting a spot, please sign up as "Committed" as soon as you know you can make it for sure. Committed signup will open on Wened. April 19, 6pm.

When you sign up please indicate which rock level you would like to learn or instruct; as well as your previous climbing experience if signing up for Rock 2-4.

Instructors, please sign up using the Signup tool as well as on Wiki page. Thank for your help! 

Other important things:

If you have any questions please post them in the Message Board thread.

If you climb or plan to climb regularly in Squamish, you should consider helping with some Trail Work in Muurin Park on Sunday morning (follow the attached link for more details: There won't be any instruction on Sunday morning, so you don't miss anything and you can still climb afterwards in Murrin Park. 

Warning:  most of the instructors are not professional instructors;  they are just people who think they know how to climb and how to use ropes, slings and shiny climbing gear. Climbing is also dangerous. 

Posted: 2017-03-27 12:39:52
Last modified: 2017-05-03 12:41:55