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2 Waterfalls, 1 Day Trip . SAT, OCT 7. Earn More Turkey and/or Pie!!! · Saturday, October 7th

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

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Organized by: Thomas Curren.

Start: Saturday, Oct. 7th, 7:30 am


Kind of last minute , but I will give this a try.  This is my first time leading a trip(second voc trip overall, I am different from this other Tom Curran fellow) but I know both of these waterfall hikes well.  Done singly, they are rather easy but combining the two makes for a great day of watching water fall and getting some exercise.  This is good for burning some calories before the holidays really start here.  Being an east coaster, I miss the fall colours and these hikes offer some epic colour for being in temperate rainforest with primarily evergreen trees around here.  Most trees in the squamish valley/delta thing there are deciduous trees and are soon to lose there leaves, I try to catch these views every fall. 

Total KMS: 14-18. Total elevation gain: 1000ish Metres.

The first hike is high falls which is a somewhat well known waterfall hike up the squamish valley service road.  It ranges between 8km (3 hours) and 12 km(5 hours) depending if you do the loop or go straight back down the scramble(my preference, please be okay with scrambling!). We will go straight back down to save time unless it is wet.  The full loop route involves a steep decline on logging road with larger gravel rocks similar to the lions(not fun terrain IMO).  The weather forecast has been changing as usual so the route taken down will be somewhat weather dependant. Regardless of all of that you need hiking boots with good tread as there are some no tripping areas and "experience hikers have died"-internets, I do think this is from peering over the edge of the rocks, PLEASE don't do this. 

The other waterfall is called crooked falls which has been increasing in popularity due to the internets(used to be more secret).  These are easily the best waterfalls near to vancouver that are within a short hike, the final view is basically you standing in front of the falls due to the outcrop of rocks(its not spring melt but probably still pretty big again due to recent precip).  The falls are around 30 metres wide; although, I haven't measured it.  This hike is roughly 6km up the Sigurd Trail and about 450 metres up since we won't be driving to the trail ahead unless someone really wants to caravan people with a big burley truck.  There is a view a little further up the trail from crooked falls we can attempt to do depending on light.  These falls are second due to the fact that we can hike down in night without scrambling if need be.  This trail head is roughly 5 km from the highfalls trailhead.

Please bring: 

Lunch, water, a rain jacket, rain pants, and HEAD LAMP. 

Gas money: Please bring between 12 and 18 dollars(bring change, help your drivers).  I'm setting the limit of this trip to 3 cars since its my first trip and there's a limit of sunlight.



Contact: my number is 778-887-9879 and my email is [email protected]  . I will be out of service from 7 until 1700 most of the day from tuesday-thursday.


Picture taken in front of crooked falls from June.

Posted: 2017-10-02 19:40:34
Last modified: 2017-10-05 21:31:43