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Avy Rescue Practice at Wreck · Thursday, November 23rd

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

Warning, this trip has been cancelled : Cancelled due to rain. Nobody likes hanging out on the beach in the dark and pouring rain!

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Organized by: Alastair White.

Start: Thursday, Nov. 23rd, 6:00 pm


This is in no way a replacement for a professionally taught avalanche course! This is not an instructional event. This is intended simply as a review session for people who already have had avalanche training to brush up on their rescue skills before heading out onto the slopes this winter. 

Feeling rusty about your rescue skills? Feel like they've gathered dust over the long summer of not worrying about avalanches? Join me for an evening of avalnche rescue drill practice down at Wreck beach. It's easy to get into ski season and get busy planning trips and forget to do regular practice of skills that hopefully only need to be used very very rarely, if ever. But because they're skills that get used so infrequently, and because when we do need to use them it's absolutely critical that we are good at them, we need to practice our rescue drills. Whether you just did your AST1 recently, or have been an avid backcountry skier for longer than some club members have been alive, come on out to hang out with some other VOCers and dust off those avalanche skills. 

We will meet at the clubroom at 6, and from there we will walk down to Wreck beach. If you are later than 6, feel free to meet us at the beach. I expect we'll probably be somewhere between an hour and two, depending on how cold/wet it is that evening. 

Things to bring

  • Headlamp. It will be dark
  • Warm layers, and gloves. It gets pretty chilly on the beach after the sun sets
  • Rain gear. I will still run the trip if there's a little bit of rain. If it's a monsoon style downpour I'll probably cancel or postpone.
  • Your beacon, if you have one. It's important to practice with your own beacon so you are familiar with whatever device you will actually be using in the case of an emergeny. 
  • Tupperware or sturdy freezer bags. These are to protect the beacons from sand when we bury them, so make sure they're large enough to hold your beacon. 

If you do not have your own beacon I will bring some of the club beacons if there are any to be had, but because this is late in the week I suspect most of the beacons will be out with members for trips. 

I have to emphasize again that this is NOT an instructional event in any way! This does NOT replace a proper AST1 or equivalent, professionally taught course. 

Posted: 2017-11-14 23:00:56
Last modified: 2017-11-22 22:13:06