Members can insert new events into the calendar and signup for trips, but please read the instructions before posting.
VOC trips are organized by members like yourself, not professional guides. The trips go into wilderness areas where assistance is unavailable and unexpected events can occur. You could be seriously injured or die. You are responsible for your own actions. Please use caution.

VOC Journal 60th Edition - Submit an Article! · Friday, January 5th

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

  • Details Page: Where you can see brief trip details (publicly viewable).
  • Wiki Page: For additional information/organization (publicly viewable).
  • Message Board Thread: Discuss this trip with other members here.
  • This trip does not use the signup tool.
  • Wikitext Page: From where you can cut and paste information formatted for the wiki.
  • Printable List Page: Which generates a printable list of participants.
  • Edit Page: Where the trip organizer can edit the entry for this trip.
  • Modify Signups: Where the trip organizer can change signup classes.
Organized by: Lucy Buchanan-Parker.

Start: Friday, Jan. 5th


Did you know that the vast majority of content for the super cool Centennial Coffee Table Book came from previous VOC Journals? In a club with such high turnover, the VOCJ is one of the most important ways to pass the spirit of the club on from generation to generation... plus it's a lot of fun to read them snuggled in your sleeping bag when it's whiteout outside! 

You too can be a part of history and contribute something for your fellow club members to enjoy, now and for generations to come! Submit an article to the 60th edition of the VOC Journal by December 20, 2017! 

Deadline extended! Submit an article by January 5!!

You can write about a VOC trip you went on, a non-VOC trip you went on, a thought you had about the mountains, the club, or anything else somehow connected to the VOC. You can write a trip report, a vignette, a poem, a song, a treatise, a list.... you get the picture.

More information can be found on the VOCJ60 wiki page or the general VOCJ wiki page

Also - alert to CLIMBERS. I don't climb. I basically skim over any trip report or section of trip report that mentions the Yosemite decimal system. I also believe there is an entire other world of the VOC that consists of mainly climbers and I do not know very many of them. Please submit your trip reports about climbing or nominate someone who you know has a good climbing-based story to tell. Otherwise there will be no climbing section in this year's journal!

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