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[workhike] Monday Open Clubroom Hours (weekly workhike opportunities) · Mon. Jan. 8th - Sat. Mar. 3rd

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Organized by: George Hill.

Start: Monday, Jan. 8th, 6:00 pm
End: Saturday, Mar. 3rd, 7:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: Clubroom


If you need a workhike from borrowing lots of gear, come by the Clubroom during open hours from 5:30pm to 7:00pm on Mondays. During this time we will spend time updating some of the content in the wiki. Make sure to bring your laptop!

Monday Open Clubroom Hours 
I can't make Thursday's Exec meeting so instead I am organizing other fun things for Monday in the clubroom! So from January-April 2018 the VOC Clubroom will be open on Mondays from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. There are NO gear hours during this time. Monday gear hours can be viewed here. During the open hours you can: 

  • take out or read a book from our Library
  • activate your VOC membership, buy swag or pay for other things you might need to pay for
  • get advice for how to do things, like organizing a trip, how to pack better, how to reduce faff, ect.
  • wax/sharpen your skis (bring $5 to cover the cost of wax/base cleaner/ptex you use)
  • cut rope using our hot knife rope cutter
  • do other gear maintenance stuff with the equipment we have
  • just hang out with other VOCers!

Weekly Workhikes 
If you need a workhike from borrowing lots of gear, during the open clubroom hours there will be numerous opportunities to complete some workhikes, or just get involved in the club! See the available workhikes that exec have organized during this time below (we will edit this list as stuff comes up!) 

Journal Editing Extravaganzas: 5:00pm to 6:30pm with Lucy (Monday January 15th) 
Come and help your friendly VOC Journal Editor edit the 50+ articles that have been submitted for this year's journal! Counts as a workhike, and more importantly you'll have my undying gratitude! 

This is mainly an endeavor in proofreading and making small changes for clarity if needed. Each article will be proofread twice, so there's no pressure to be perfect although it would be good if you can catch major errors. 

Snacks and "beverages" will be available! 

I'll be in the clubroom from about 5pm, but feel free to come later if you need to. 

Please bring your own laptop. 

Please use the signup tool so I know how many people to expect. 

If you want to help out but can't make the meeting, send me an email for instructions on how to do it remotely. There will also be another opportunity to help out once the articles get laid out in their book format. 

Huts and Trails Committee: 5:30pm to 6:00pm with George, Devon and Nick H. 
The Huts and Trails Commitee discusses and works on everything Huts, Trails and other community related projects and issues. We will post updates in the exec forum for this committee so you can see what the topics will be for each meeting. Topics includes but aren't limited to: 

  • Solar Lighting Projects for Brian Waddington Hut & Burton Hut (January 15th)
  • The VOC Centennial Canoe Trail for Burton Hut
  • Discussions on land and access issues for Garibaldi Park, Brew Hut, Harrison Hut and other locations
  • Developing the 2018 Huts Management Report
  • Developing a 5 year plan for Lizzie Creek Cabin
  • Heating Projects

Wiki Workhikes: 6:00pm to 6:45pm with George 
During this time we will spend time updating some of the content in the wiki. Make sure to bring your laptop! This is 100% beginner friendly and we even if you don't know a thing about wiki's it is very easy to learn and we don't mind teaching! Below are some particular goals from our weekly meetings to achieve by April. Me certainly won't achieve all of them 100%, I don't think anyone can, but we can make the wiki a whole lot better even if we get half of it. 

  • Standardize the Huts and Trails pages
  • Research through old Journals to add more historical content to the wiki (reading old journals can be very entertaining!)
  • Completing the Journal Index Project
  • Updating the maintenance records for the Huts and Trails
  • Consolidating and deleting pages
  • Creating Index Pages to access exec reports, event page templates and other administrative pages
  • Expanding the content on the wiki through new Trail, Mountain, Hut and Road pages.
  • Archiving and indexing old and derelict pages.

If you are interested in joining any of these meetings (you can join one or you could join all of them! Up to you!) sign up here to recieve emails or alternatively you can just show up! [].


Help out the Quartermasters: TBD with TBD 
Often the quartermasters need help with stuff. If they organizing something during this time, come help them out!

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