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Dec 3-4 Avanced Keith's Hut · Sat. Dec. 3rd - Sun. Dec. 4th

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

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Organized by: Samuel Belanger-McKoy.

Start: Saturday, Dec. 3rd
End: Sunday, Dec. 4th


I know I posted a trip for the moderately beginner friendly last week but this weekend I'll only be accepting a high output group of skiers that can competently ski a 40 degree slope and have at least their AST1 or equivalent. So I'll classify it as an Advanced trip. The hut will probably be busy so I'll only we'll be a small group. 

View from Vantage Ridge. Photo Martin Naroznik 

The plan 
Day 1 is to park at the Cerise Creek parking lot early and skin up Vantage Ridge. Once at 2nd peak from the shoulder of the ridge, we'd ski down into Caspar Creek. This run would be 800m opposite of Cheques in the Mail following a slight ridge to avoid any cross loaded wind deposits. Once in the valley, skin up to the col between Mt Duke and Vantage Peak. Summit Vantage and ski down towards the hut. Roughly this is a 14km 2000m day. 

Joffre's North Face and Chief Pascal's NF. Photo Frank Baumann 

Day 2 

This will depend but will generally be an early start. The idea I had in mind was possibly skiing Vantage, an easier line on Joffre's north face but either way. Finishing with a run off of Chief Pascal's north face skiing down to the car. 

All of this could change depending on avalanche conditions, group's condition, snow coverage, etc. 

Photo Martin Naroznik 

Take Away Points 
-the days are short, we need to move fairly fast or non-stop both up and down but you don't need to be a marathon runner 
-if we're too slow getting to the top of Vantage ridge, or the avalanche conditions are less than ideal there are escape route options, i want to make this high output but not dangerous if we fail to move fast enough 
-pack light if you want to move the next day. you won't get the chance to drop gear off at the hut before heading out to ski. this also means you should be able to ski with weight. 

Some of you might be thinking. "I don't know if I'm good enough for this trip... but I really want to come." 
Feel free to post on the thread or e-mail me and we can sort out any doubt. But do it before the few spots get filled. I also have google earth .KMZ files with a roughly plotted route to give you an idea. 

If your really bummed out that this trip is too hard for you but you really want to go skiing. Maybe you could persuade some members to organize a trip with you. A trip to the Wendy Thompson was cancelled last weekend and so far 4 are booked in the hut but it may be a good option. 

Cut and paste from VOC "minutes" meeting 
"-We should run more intermediate to advanced trips so the club doesn't lose skilled people who want to go on trips that attempt more ambitious objectives without having to always babysit beginners. It's good to have advanced trips and beginner trips on the same weekend so people can choose the most appropriate trip based on their skill level, not on which one is offered that weekend." 

If this trip seen no interest or less than ideal weather or avalanche conditions. It may be altered to increase group size, bring tents, and allowing all levels of experience. 

If this trip is too hard for you Click Here


Posted: 2011-11-27 22:10:20
Last modified: 2011-11-27 22:12:37