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20 hour Wilderness First Aid · Sat. Mar. 17th - Sun. Mar. 18th

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Organized by: Breanne Johnson.

Start: Saturday, Mar. 17th, 7:00 am
End: Sunday, Mar. 18th, 6:00 pm


The course will run the weekend of March 17-18, Saturday and Sunday, in building ANGU room 293, from 8:00am-7:00pm 


Those who are on the committed list can now pay in exact cash to the clubroom. 

The total course price including tax and first aid kit, depends on the first aid kit you choose to purchase. You will (at minimum) need the basic first aid kit. The three options for first aid kits are listed here

prices include tax

Total price with the basic kit: $160.19.

Total price with the Excursion kit: $250.48.

Total price with the Guide Kit: $351.88


The VOC will be offering a 20 hour wilderness first aid course over a weekend (2 long days) in late January or february. The course will be taught by Slipstream First Aid.

(from Slipstream's website)

How do you treat hypothermia when help is hours away? What is the best way to create a splint for someone who has broken their leg on a hiking trip? Going into the wilderness without having these skills is like travelling without a passport. It might work out, or it might not, but you will have little control over the outcome.

Take a few days to learn some essential wilderness first aid skills and you’ll not only have your passport but travel insurance too.

This course offers the basics to anyone who lives, works, or plays in remote areas and environments where medical attention is difficult to access. You will learn to be innovative with your resources and improvise first aid techniques through challenging practical sessions and outdoor simulations.

You will learn:

  • Pre-trip planning and contingency planning
  • Prevention and assessment of common environmental illnesses and injuries
  • How to plan and improvise evacuation of patients with limited resources.

Indeed, things like this happen on more than a few VOC trips.

photo: Lee Wasilenko

photo: Lee Wasilenko

You can never be too prepared.


The price of the course (per person) decreases with the number of people who want to take it, in the following way:

6 participants = 218.86

7 = 192.63

8 = 174.11

9 = 160.94

10-11 = 146.65

12-13 = 135.24

14-16 = 127.62

17-20 = 120.14

(These prices do not include tax)

How Signup works 

Signup as "commited" before January 1st. We will then know how many people intend to take the course and therefore the course price. Payment (cash only) for the course will be collected in the clubroom the week of Jan 2-6.



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