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Post-Exam Skaha Climbing (Advanced-beginner friendly) · Fri. Apr. 26th - Mon. Apr. 29th

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Organized by: this member.

Start: Friday, Apr. 26th, 8:00 am
End: Monday, Apr. 29th, 8:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting: Wednesday, Apr. 24th, 6:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: Club Room


Exams are over and the climbing season has begun. If you are over skiing and keen for summer, it is high time for some sunny Okanagan crimpy sport climbing before it gets to hot and smoky there in the Summer. And really, do you need an occasion to go to Skaha?

Skaha has beautifull rock with lots of crimps and amazing single- and multipitch sport climbing for all ability levels. There are also some dirty trad-routes, if you don't feel comfortable parting with your cams ;-) There are quite a few top-rope accessible routes and nice, generous bolting make it a great place to get that leading-headspace back that you lost over the winter. In addition to that, there are fun bad weather- and lazy day activities including swimming in skaha lake, lounging on the beach eating ice-cream and touring all the good Okanagan wineries to taste good wine.

Driving out to Penticton on friday morning, camping on one of the many campgrounds around Penticton, splitting off into smaller groups for climbing all day, meeting up, hanging out and having nice dinners (car camping!, Potluck?!) in the evening, driving back on monday, ariving back in the city on monday evening.
Depending on who wants to come and what peoples time constains are, we might get car loads arrive/leave earlier/later. It's a 5 hour drive each way, so it's nice to stay a bit longer than just sat-sun.

This is not an instructional trip. You should ideally be self-sufficient. This means:
- You come to the pre-trip or find someone to represent you.
- You are able to safely belay and climb (Rock 1 or Aviary belay test equivalent is mandatory).
- You should be able to set up a toprope and build an anchor if you want to top rope (Rock 2 or equivalent) OR find someone who is willing to set something up for you.
We will discuss this at the pre-trip and chances are there will be enough experienced people who can set up some top-ropes. So feel free to sign-up even if you are not that experienced yet :) You need to have the appropriate rock climbing gear or rent it from the VOC. I will host post-pre-trip gear hours so you rent stuff if you need.

Group size will be determined by the amount of cars and ratio of experienced / less experienced people.
Climbing and the outdoors in general are still white- and male-dominated. In an attempt for equality, this trips aims to be empowering and inclusive to everyone - especially those who are often underrepresented. So if there are lots of interested people, preference is given to women, LGBTQ2+, People of colour, indigenous people and other marginalized folks. If you have any questions about this or want to talk about it, feel free to message me :)

The going list will be determined at the pre trip and is not purely determined by sign-up order but a combination of these factors:
- sign-up order
- car availability- ability/experience
- inclusivity
We will stay at an established car campground so there will most likely be cost for camping (exact location TBD, probably around $10ish per person/night) and the cost for gas as usual.
We might have a Potluck or Desert Potluck on one day if people are keen.
Camping- car- and climbing faff will be sorted at the pre-trip. Please come if possible in any way.

I'm excited for a great trip to the sunny Okanagan and lots of fun crimpy-climbing!


Posted: 2019-03-24 17:09:22
Last modified: 2019-04-26 07:08:14