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Alpine Skills Course · Sat. Jun. 1st - Sun. Jun. 2nd

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Organized by: Else Bosman.

Start: Saturday, Jun. 1st, 5:00 am
End: Sunday, Jun. 2nd, 7:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting: Thursday, May. 30th, 6:30 pm




Back by popular demand: the Alpine Skills course! Does that photo up there look like your happy place? Do you want to spend ALL the time in the alpine? Do you have a bunch of skills you’ve heard are useful for alpine climbing but aren’t sure how to put it all together? Then this might be just the trip for you!

This trip is meant for people who have learned the basic skills needed to get into the alpine (glacier travel, crevasse rescue, using crampons and an ice axe, scrambling, overnight backpacking) and are now looking to put all of these skills together for one of their first few alpine climbs. On this trip, we will cover some basics but will focus on many of the “soft” skills needed for a safe and successful trip in the alpine (risk management, teamwork, group dynamics, decision making, etc.). After this trip the hope is that you’ll have the (alpine) skill set to get out there and roam a bit further.

This is a small trip, usually with high demand, and for that reason, there are a few extra things to consider when signing up - please read the full description.

What does this trip involve?


You will be asked to do a trip planning exercise before the pre-trip meeting – people selected for the trip will hear more about this. This should take about two hours. 

Sign up closes this Thursday!

Pre-trip (Thursday, May 30, 7 pm)

The pre-trip will cover the trip logistics and have a dry school component to review crevasse rescue & knots. Reserve about two hours for the pre-trip.

The Trip

The majority of this trip will be like an alpine climb in slow motion. On Saturday we will approach our objective and spend time at camp reviewing skill sets we think might be useful for the climb. Sunday we will attempt the climb. Throughout this whole process, we will be stopping to discuss considerations along the way, allowing extra time to use our new skill sets, and focusing on communication between rope team members.

Here are some techniques we may use over the weekend:  

-Alpine scrambling skills and techniques 

-Steep snow climbing skills and techniques 

-Risk management and hazard identification

-Gear management and application 

-Moving as a rope team


 Instructors: Joe and Else :-) 

So how do I get on this trip?

This trip will be limited to 6 VOC members (gender equity considered) to ensure that there is enough time for mentoring and we keep the group relatively small for safety reasons. We are looking for keeners who also have a lot to gain and a lot to offer to the VOC (so not only first come first serve for this one). We’ll definitely take into consideration those who sign up first, but signing up first doesn’t guarantee you a spot. Additionally, it is essential that you have ALL of the prerequisites for this trip. All of this sounds good? Then fill in the form if you are interested.


Prerequisites (important):

This is a course to practice alpine skills, and we want to promote the fact that any time you venture into the alpine there are many more risks involved than your regular backpacking. Additionally, consider that most alpine climbing trips will be, by definition, somewhat high output.


- Experience covering long approaches (10-15km, 1200m) with packs full of climbing gear


- Experience in overnight backpacking and camping

<!--[if !supportLists]-->- Experience in scrambling

<!--[if !supportLists]-->- Experience moving on a glacier, crevasse rescue, moving on a rope team, knots (G1 or equivalent). 

- Basic knowledge of rock climbing (building anchors, rappelling, belaying, etc.) is an asset, but not strictly necessary.

What gear you will need and some great info to get ready:

-Sturdy mountaineering boots 
-mountaineering crampons 
-ice axe 
-Harness and carabineers + prussik cords

Also, a good idea to review books and manuals like Freedom of The Hills and the Glacier School Manual! 

An awesome resource to practice your knots:


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