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Elfin Lakes triathlon (kind of) - beginnermediate friendly · Saturday, September 14th

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

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Organized by: Alberto Contreras Sanz.

Start: Saturday, Sep. 14th, 7:00 am
Pre-trip meeting location: Email faff


The plan:

There isn't that many places where you can cycle up into the alpine in SouthWest BC. The triathlon consists of a long ish day trip where early on Saturday morning we drive to the bottom of the Elfin Lakes road, park the car(s) and then:

View of Squamish on the climb

(View of Squamish while ont the climb - we won't have snow hopefully!)

1) Mountain bike up the nice trails in the area as high as we can (the bike part of the triathlon)

2) Probably push the bike a few times (the run part....) when the trails are rough or too steep.

3) Continue cycling up on the gentle road to Elfin Lakes once we run of trails (the views are amazing once in the alpine!)

4) Go for a dip in the actual Elfin Lake (the swim section). Lunch?

Return via road and/or trails, grab some food in Squamish, and drive back to Vancouver.

The route is something similar to this 

The Lake we'll be dipping into

(Elfin Lakes, first lake is dippable)

Things to know:

- You need a mountain bike in good working order and the ability to bike up and downhill on trails (not necessarily in style) ***

- While it's not technically difficult***, it's a long day with a fair amount of elevation gain (1600 m), so a bit of fitness is required

- The swimming part is optional but encouraged to rinse off the sweat

- Potluck-style lunch by the lakes would be nice

*** Depending on group size, and willingness of participants, we could split in to two groups - one cycles all the way from the bottom, one can optionally drive up to the trailhead later and reunite en route. 

*** Cycling down on trails (or uphill for that matter) is optional but way more fun. 

*** You don't have to be a good mountain biker (I am not) but perhaps this shouldn't be your first ever mountain bike ride. 

We can take 4 bikes in our car, 5 at a push if we place one on the roof. A second car could tag along, but I wouldn't want more than 8 people in total. I carry some basic stuff to fix bike issues, but you should at the minimum carry some essentials. 

Other questions related to the trip or equipement I can probably answer via email. Note there's no pre-trip meeting and all organisation faff will be done via email. The idea is to depart early on Saturday and hopefully beat most of the crowds. 

The trip is conditional to decent weather - if too bad we can downgrade to something more local and less involved. 


Posted: 2019-09-09 00:19:07
Last modified: 2019-09-09 16:18:27