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BC Parks INaturalist Project · Sun. Mar. 1st - Fri. Apr. 24th

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Organized by: Maria Berno.

Start: Sunday, Mar. 1st, 2:00 am
End: Friday, Apr. 24th, 8:00 am


Help document biodiversity in BC’s parks with the BC Parks iNaturalist Project


Do you enjoy taking photos of the wildlife and plants you see while exploring BC’s provincial parks? Help document biodiversity in these beautiful spaces by contributing your photo observations to the BC Parks iNaturalist Project, a joint citizen science initiative by BC Parks, the University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University, and the BC Parks Foundation.


iNaturalist is used worldwide to crowdsource biodiversity observations: users take photos of plants, animals, and fungi using their phones or cameras and then upload those images to the free iNaturalist app or website. iNaturalist’s image recognition software and user community then help identify the organism.


By contributing to this project you can learn about the species you see and create an interactive record of your outdoor explorations, while also generating data that can help researchers develop a deeper understanding what our parks are protecting and inform management decisions. There are now over 116,000 observations of nearly 5,000 species, contributed by over 2,700 observers. VOC members accessing less-travelled areas of parks are in a great position to “report back” with valuable species observations from parks like Mount Seymour, Blackcomb Glacier, Marble Canyon, Callaghan Lake, Garibaldi, and Birkenhead.


You only need three things to start contributing to this project:


  1. An iNaturalist account. Sign up for a free account at

  2. A camera or smartphone to capture your observations.

  3. A computer or smartphone to upload the photos you take to your account. Use the iNaturalist free mobile app available for iOS and Android (great for on-the-spot species IDs), or upload your observations directly to (great for uploading larger batches of photo observations).


For more information on how to get started, photography tips and tricks for good-quality observations, and some fun resources like parks bingo cards and ideas for clubs and groups to get involved, download the BC Parks iNaturalist Project toolkit from Browse all the observations that have been made so far at


Questions or comments? Contact us at [email protected]


Posted: 2020-02-06 11:52:25
Last modified: 2020-03-17 20:20:02