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[PRETTY STRONG] VIMFF special ONLINE screening - Highlighting some of the world's most badass female climbers · Fri. Apr. 17th - Sun. Apr. 19th

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Organized by: Lianne Mcradu.

Start: Friday, Apr. 17th, 12:00 pm
End: Sunday, Apr. 19th, 1:00 pm


VIMFF Pretty Strong Film Never Not Collective poster featured x


From 5.13 big walls in Yosemite to 5.14 sport climbs in Mexico to V14 boulder problems in Colorado, Pretty Strong follows eight of the world’s strongest female climbers as they explore new climbing areas, send hard projects, and push the boundaries of the sport and themselves. Putting badass ladies front and center, this isn’t a film about gender imbalance, or the sexualization of women, or what it’s like to have your period at the crag.


This is a film about some of the best climbers in the world—some you know, some you don’t—doing what they do best: crushing hard rock climbs. Your palms will sweat from the dizzying heights, your imagination will expand with the breathtaking landscapes, and your motivation will soar from the determination and try-hard of these strong women. The climbers featured include Nina Williams, Katie Lambert, Daila Ojeda, Hazel Findlay, and more.


Created by the all-women production team Never Not Collective, Pretty Strong is a climbing film about women, by women, and for everyone.Website:

 Over the past few weeks, we've been searching for the best way to bring Never Not Collective’s incredible film Pretty Strong to our viewers. We’re happy to announce that on April 17-19, VIMFF will host the Pretty Strong show online across Canada. And before the film starts, we’ll also share a short clip from the filmmakers.

We have discounted the price of the show to $9 per one viewing (use coupon code: COVID), hoping to make this show accessible to everyone. VIMFF is a non-profit and if you’re able to contribute the full price of $13 per viewing or any additional amount, we would greatly appreciate it.


Pretty Strong will be available at 12pm PST on April 17 for 48 hours, ending at 12pm PST on April 19. The film will be accessible for streaming (not download) and everyone that buys a ticket will receive a link and a unique password. This will enable you to log in and enjoy the film at any time during this time frame.

Location: ONLINE!!

Date: April 17th - 19th available 48hrs

Purchase tickets now!


Posted: 2020-03-10 22:54:23
Last modified: 2020-04-07 09:59:40