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Garibaldi Park trail run bonanza! · Saturday, August 1st

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Organized by: Ross Campbell.

Start: Saturday, Aug. 1st


Are you already stuck at home bored beyond belief: nowhere to go, everything shut, Netflix already getting old. Times are uncertain but you envisage a long time of near isolation slowly driving you mad for the next few months. Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones not quite locked up yet but you can see the writing on the wall? You need something to channel your hopes, aspirations, frustrations, and hard earned but quickly lost cardio into?


Now imagine this glorious scene. You have been socially isolating for months. Everything has been shut. You've forgotten the taste of a coffee made by someone else, draught beer are words that ring distant bells but you can't quite formulate the meaning anymore, the parks are all looking spotless because no one has entered in SOOO long, and mountains are figments of other people's imagination existing only on TV. But that is all over now. The social isolation has just came to an end. You spent those months of lockdown as best you could. You kept yourself sane by engaging in a new hobby. You started running. Over the weeks you slowly improved as you ran around the outskirts of some park over and over, smiling at others as you passed each other at a distance. Your stamina built up, and some knowledgeable people (certainly not encompassing the organiser of this trip, who has never done the likes of this before) gave you a bunch of strength exercises to do so you didn't break your legs. Now, with the restrictions just lifted, you joined hundreds of VOCers, cooped up for far too long, as they released everything they had in one long, hard push as they ran across Garibaldi Park (Rubble/Cheamamus - Cheakamus/Rubble) through that gorgeous mountain scenery that had been relegated to dreams for so long. Imagine the freedom as everyone coughs up their lungs together for reasons independent of communicable diseases. You have just reached the end, an end both this day and for many weeks preceding, you never thought was going to come, and you realise you've just achieved something you never thought possible. And all of a sudden all those months spent locked up don't seem like quite the waste of life that they had just days previous.


For me at least, this is about as much optimism that I can see in my near future. This trip is posted for the first of August, but I clearly have no more idea how long our lives are going to need to be on hold for, so things can change in either direction. The run is about 25 Km with about 1500 m elevation. I envisage we will all split into car groups of roughly equally paced folks (as discerned by the months worth of training data we all accrued together) before taking the rest of the afternoon to bathe in the glorious sunshine by a beautiful lake and eat as much jaggery as our stomachs can bare. Don't think you can get into shape for such a run? Sign up anyway. If the training doesn't get you quite up to spec then probably you won't be alone, and maybe a car group takes on a shorter route. Been trail running for years and think this just doesn't cut it for you anymore? Sign up anyway. Probably you're not alone and a car group can get more adventurous. Don't really want to go out on a trip but quite like the idea of (digitally) comunal training? Sign up anyway. We won't get upset with you if you don't come out on the day, though we might try to encourage and nudge you in that direction.


As said already, I’m new to this myself. We can learn together. I’m banking on there being enough bored people in our club who know what they are doing that they will chip in with advice (our membership are normally pretty good at this). I’ll even make a facebook group where people can post their stravaing and say things like “way to go Jimmy!” (you know I really must be getting bored if I’m start social mediaing…). People get bonus points for telling us all how to strengthen our knees, double bonus points if the exercises work for folks who don’t bend, and all the bonus points if you also tell us (me) how to stop our (my) hips from getting tight.



Posted: 2020-03-22 18:51:24
Last modified: 2020-03-22 21:50:03