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Rock (no)Party · Sat. Sep. 19th - Sat. Oct. 31st

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Organized by: Abigail Chapman.

Start: Saturday, Sep. 19th, 11:12 am
End: Saturday, Oct. 31st


Since we obviously can't do the whole 300-person jamboree* thing during these times of COVID, this is going to be a much smaller and subdued alternative to get some climbing instruction still happening this fall. This will look like 2 instructors + 4 students spread between 2 cars going for a day trip on whatever date works for the group over the next month or so. We will encourage everyone to follow our COVID trip guidelines** including wearing masks in the car with people not in your bubble (and, like, not coughing on each other, sticking your fingers in your mouth, and speaking moistly into peoples faces etc...) I will be updating this page and sending out emails to people signed up as interested with more detailed information as this comes together, but I need to get an idea of numbers and rock levels. Students, please sign up as interested with what rock level you want to take***, if you can drive, if there's other people in your bubble that would want to take it with you, and what dates you're available. The instructors will select what dates works best for their schedule, and then I'll sort people into groups based on this and car spaces. A few more things:

  • There is no ticket or cost this year (because of the lack of party ~sad~) but students should expect to pay the cost of gas for the group amongst themselves. The instructors are there to teach YOU out of their goodness and radness, so you should cover the gas to get them there and back (beer and/or goodies also welcome to show your appreciation for them)
  • If we get way more people interested than we have instructional spaces, we will do this using the classic VOC set-your-timers-and-sign-up-as-committed system****

Instructors: If you're interested in instructing and haven't already been in contact, send me an email ([email protected])


*If you're new here (welcome!): Rock Party is traditionally a weekend-long instructional climbing trip in Squamish including a huge party at a campground on Saturday. That's not the case this year. But you can still learn how to climb! The instruction is based on a curriculum that the VOC has put together over the years to help people build some climbing skills. It is important to know though that the instructors on this trip are NOT professional - they are just club members with climbing experience who want to spread the stoke. At the VOC we think this is a great way to learn outdoor skills - from more experienced friends. But be aware that your safety is your own responsibility and these are not professional guides. 

**Check out the full guidelines here:

***Rock levels are:

1. Introduction to Rock Climbing 

2. Anchors + Rappelling

3. Sport Lead Climbing

4. Traditional Climbing

5.  Introduction to Multi-Pitch Strategy and Rope Management 

If you would like to see a thorough rundown on curriculum for each level, please see this link.


****Also if you're new to the VOC, the way who gets to go on high-demand trips when there's limited spaces it's frequently decided is by who signs up first as "committed" using the trip sign up tools which will open at a pre-determined time.

Posted: 2020-09-14 11:11:14
Last modified: 2020-09-14 12:29:38