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Cousin of Cave V · Fri. Oct. 22nd - Sun. Oct. 24th

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

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Organized by: Nick Hindley.

Start: Friday, Oct. 22nd
End: Sunday, Oct. 24th
Pre-trip meeting: Monday, Oct. 18th, 7:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: Clubroom


~~ Updated 2021-10-06 ~~

The notorious Cousin of Cave returns for it's fifth installment!

This is your chance to become aquainted with the joys of Vancouver Island's subterrainian world; including - but not limited to - mud, tight awkward spaces, absolute darkness, squeeze crawling, and mud. It will be the most intimate with rock you have ever been. I hope.

The plan is for four (~4 person) car groups to head to Vancouver Island to do some caving, most likely in an area west of Campbell River. These caves are generally very wet, so we'll likely be wetsuiting up, and there is a decent amount of opportunity for ropework and in-cave rappels. So, there are some prerequisite skills needed. 

  • Rappel experience (preffered)
  • SRT experience / rope ascending (preffered)
  • Comfortable with confined spaces.  Very confined spaces.
  • Above average sense of (type 2) adventure
  • Ability to shotgun a PBR in under 15 seconds

If you are not able to get a wetsuit and ascending gear, you will not be able to do the wet / vartical cave. Which is the most fun one. Try!

I'll be running a pre-trip meeting and 'classroom' session (1hr).  We'll discuss speleomorphology, cave formations, cave safety, and how to minimize our impact on the fragile environment inside a cave. This will be followed by a hr SRT clinic in the Aviary to practice rope ascending, and getting your setups dialled. If you have not ascended ropes before, or if you are borrowing equipment you are unfamiliar with, it is strongly recommended that you come to this - it will make us much more efficient in the cave, and you'll thank yourself for it when its the end of a long day and you're cold and wet.

Pretrip is scheduled for Oct 18 7pm-8pm. SRT workshop is scheduled for Oct 18 8pm-11pm in the Aviary.

Due to the small group size and technicality of this trip, it will not necessarily be first come first served.  Signing up as commited does not necessarily guarantee your place.  Sorry :( I wish I could take everyone but just can't.  Sign-up closes and group will be finalized Oct 18th. 

We will depart from Vanvouver to the Island via Horseshoe Bay on Friday evening and will return Sunday evening. This trip is rain or shine; caving can be done regardless of weather.  Also we'll camp down the logging road or something for the overnight.

Post on the message board or shoot me an email directly if you have any questions! Also, I love to see that previous Cousin of Cave returnees are interested once again! - But I'll be giving priority to people who's first CoC this is, since I only run it once a year.







Posted: 2021-09-23 10:52:00
Last modified: 2021-10-06 22:19:13