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VOC trips are organized by members like yourself, not professional guides. The trips go into wilderness areas where assistance is unavailable and unexpected events can occur. You could be seriously injured or die. You are responsible for your own actions. Please use caution.

Rock Party 2022 · Sat. Sep. 24th - Sun. Sep. 25th

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Organized by: Morgan Cooper.

Start: Saturday, Sep. 24th, 8:00 am
End: Sunday, Sep. 25th, 10:00 am
Pre-trip meeting: Tuesday, Sep. 20th, 7:00 am
Pre-trip meeting location: UBC/zoom


The VOC welcomes you to the annual Rock Party!! 

This is a weekend-long instructional rock climbing, BBQ, dance party extravaganza held in Squamish. It is many VOC members' first trip - so if you are new to the club (and perhaps UBC or Vancouver) - welcome! If you are an experienced climber, please join us as an instructor!


Trip Rundown

You and 300 of your new friends head up to Squamish on Saturday morning for a full day of learning some sweet rock climbing skillz in groups of 6-10 students with 2 instructors* based on your ability (see below). In the evening everyone heads to Mamquam River Campground for a BBQ, beer & cider, and dancing into the wee hours of the morning. Sunday is a free day (no instruction) - so you can try out some of your new moves and check out the crags with some new friends.


Note: this is at a campground. Meaning you will be sleeping in tents and sleeping bags (which are NOT provided). There are no cabins, kitchens, washroom (except outhouses) etc. Only Saturday night’s bbq dinner is provided, you are responsible for bringing your own food for all other meals.


Climbing levels are:

1. Introduction to Rock Climbing 

2. Anchors + Rappelling

3. Sport Lead Climbing

4. Traditional Climbing

5.  Introduction to Multi-Pitch Strategy and Rope Management 

If you would like to see a thorough rundown on curriculum for each level, please see this link.


*The instructors on this trip are NOT professional - they are just club members with climbing experience who want to spread the stoke. At the VOC we think this is a great way to learn outdoor skills - from more experienced friends. But be aware that your safety is your own responsibility and these are not professional guides. 



Because this is such a large trip and involves so many logistics, it is by ticket only and only current members can buy tickets. (I’ll leave the signup tool open so you can see who else is going, and have the trip show up on your profile - but signing up means nothing if you haven’t bought a ticket).


Tickets will go on sale TBD in early September . More details will be posted about the exact times you can come in to purchase them. 


If you buy a ticket and can no longer attend, you can try to sell it to another club member BUT they must be in the same Rock Level that you signed up for and and you must email about the change and it must be before the pre-trip meeting


Student/ Instructor/ Volunteer prices to be annouced in August


*If you are a member looking to instruct but you are not on campus, feel free to email me ([email protected]) and we can make other arrangements for you to purchase a ticket. 



The pre-trip meeting (September 20, 7-9pm) will be mandatory

There will be a gear hour following the pretrip from 9-10pm at the clubroom.




Want to be an awesome club member, get to know people, and give back? You should volunteer! Volunteering will not impact your ability to learn climbing skillz and will count towards a workhike (each member is required to complete at least one annual workhike to retain the ability to rent gear). Links to the sign up sheets for volunteering will be posted on this page soon. Volunteers are really what allows this event to happen, so please consider signing up, and take that responsibility seriously - I really need you. If you sign up as a volunteer, you will still pay the full price when you buy your ticket, and I’ll give you $10 back when you actually show up for your shift at the event. 


***More information will be posted here as the event date approaches, so check back regularly.**


Gear list:



- Camping gear: tent (can be shared), mat, sleeping bag, extra clothes, toiletries

- Bfast+ Lunch for Saturday, food for Sunday

- Helmet, Harness, Rock Shoes


Rock 1:

  1. Harness (can rent that from the club room). Make sure it fits you (ask the quartermaster for help fitting it).
  2. Helmet (also available at club room. Bicycle helmet works too but this is not ideal. It's not so much about hitting you head, it's more about stuff being dropped onto your head, such as stones or gear). Yes, you HAVE to have this - we won't let you climb without it.
  3. Climbing shoes. They should fit snugly but not so tight that they 'really' hurt. Available at the club room.
  4. locking carabiner and a belay device. The VOC does not rent those out due to liability concerns. You can get them at MEC. These can be shared in teams of two as only one will be climbing and one will be belaying. Most people get this here belay device. It's relatively cheap but still works perfectly. For carabiners, get one with a screw lock and one that isn't too small (D- and Pear shape are best for belaying).

Optional*** If you want to learn how to rappel: a prussik cord is available from the club or MEC, and we will show you how to tie it, etc.

Rock 2:

  1. Everything from Rock 1 (harness, helmet (MANDATORY!), climbing shoes, locking carabiner & belay device)
  2. Something to anchor yourself such as a 48" sling or two 24" slings will do but it may be less comfortable (this may vary depending on your instructors' teaching preferences; discuss with your instructors at the pre-trip meeting before buying any unnecessary gear).
  3. Recommended: 4 locking carabiners for anchors, cordelette, cord for tying friction hitches (e.g. prussik)

If you have a rope or can borrow one from a friend, please bring that as well (**although please only borrow a rope from your friend if you are aware of the history of their rope care.**)

Rock 3:

  1. Everything from Rock 2 (harness, helmet (MANDATORY!), climbing shoes, locking carabiner & belay device, slings, carabiners for anchors, cordelette, prussik)
  2. Rope and quickdraws if you can borrow them from a friend. 

Rock 4:

  1. Everything from Rock 3 (harness, helmet (MANDATORY!), climbing shoes, locking carabiner & belay device, slings, carabiners for anchors, cordelette, prussik, rope, quickdraws)
  2. Traditional lead protection (nuts, cams, tricams, etc). Please do not purchase these items before Rock 4; only borrow from a friend if you can. 

Rock 5:

  1. Everything from Rock 4
  2. More locking beaners and slings

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Last modified: 2022-06-23 10:39:14