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Lead Ladder Summer 2012 · Wed. Jun. 13th - Sun. Jul. 22nd

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Organized by: Jon Leighton.

Start: Wednesday, Jun. 13th, 6:30 pm
End: Sunday, Jul. 22nd, 6:00 pm


As per recent discussions on the message board, the inaugural VOC Lead Ladder, will kick-off on Wed 13 Jun with the first of 4 x 2 hour evening session. This will culminate with a weekend in Squamish on 21-22 Jul.

The Lead Ladder is not a formal qualification, merely an organised means of passing on skills. It is aimed at teaching people to lead (mainly) single pitch routes well within their comfort zone of at least 5.6 and up.  Whilst you will learn skills required to lead climb, it won't necessarily turn you into a 'climber', this is for you to evolve into afterwards.

The number of places available on the weekend depends on how many experienced leaders I have to help me.  I need assistance with the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays - volunteers please - dates below. I'll also need help on the weekend.  The ratio is 2 students to 1 instructor; for this first course, the limit is 8 students.  If more than 8 apply, then I'll have to take advice from the committee as to who should do it.

Note however that the four classroom sessions are open to anyone and will be between 6 and 8pm in a classroom somewhere on UBC TBC.  NO NEED TO SIGN UP FOR THE EVENING SESSIONS ALONE.

The classroom sessions consist of: 

13 Jun Equipment (Theory) 
20 Jun Belay systems (Practical) 
27 Jun Access, The Environment and Ethics (Theory) 
11 Jul Hoists, Rescues & Emergencies (Practical) 

The other instructors need to show up for the practical sessions and on the weekend.

If you want to attend the Lead Ladder weekend, please ask yourself the following questions before hitting the signup button. 

Do I have a minimum of 6 months outdoor climbing experience? 

Can I usually second 5.7 outdoors cleanly? 
Am I happy falling off as a second or on a top rope? 
Do I want to / do I feel ready to lead? 
Have I got more than 1 year left in the VOC? 
Will I be attending VOC climbing meets so that the club can make use of my new skills? 

The answer to all of these should be yes, but the system isn't immune to flexibility. 

There will also be some background reading (not too much), which I will organise soon.

Give me a call or post up if you have any questions. If you definitely want to do the Autumn 2011 leading course, then post away my pedigree chums as time is short.


Jon Leighton

Posted: 2012-05-22 15:04:29
Last modified: 2012-07-13 07:44:42