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Fall Phelix Workhike [date change] · Sat. Oct. 15th - Mon. Oct. 17th

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Organized by: AJ Dreher.

Start: Saturday, Oct. 15th
End: Monday, Oct. 17th
Pre-trip meeting: Wednesday, Oct. 12th, 6:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: Clubroom



The trip date has been changed! Thank you for your patience and flexibility.

Since we are now planning to go a few weeks later than we originally intended, be prepared for cold temperatures and possibly some snow. Pack lots of layers, and gloves will be very appreciated.


This trip is no longer happening September 30-October 2. We have been advised to minimize human presence in the Phelix area, which is grizzly habitat, to avoid disturbing the bears during mating season and avoid bear-human encounters. The workhike will be rescheduled--stay tuned for updates!

Let's take advantage of the long weekend before midterm season hits to do some maintanence at the Phelix hut!


  1. Road work: a small landslide has gone across the Phelix Creek road close to the beginning and created some gnarly bumps on the road. Though it's passable (if very jarring) with a high clearance 4WD vehicle, smoothing it out will make access to the trailhead much easier, particularily once it snows.
  2. Cut firewood and restock the hut with enough wood for the winter. 
  3. Replace the toilet seat: the current toilet seat has a crack in it that pinches one's butt. While not dangerous, it certainly is unpleasant to sit upon the Phelix throne. 
  4. Bring up a new journal for the hut--the old one is getting full ish.
  5. Have fun!

In order to go on this trip, you should have some sort of overnight backpacking experience, be fit enough to climb the 10km/1000 m elevation gain trail to the hut, and be prepared for some manual labor in potentially unpleasant weather. In addition to the normal backpacking gear, you may appreciate a pair of work gloves or gardening gloves.

If you have expertise in the operation of chainsaws, you would be especially appreciated on this trip--my chainsaw knowledge extends only far enough to know that if I attempt to operate a chainsaw I will likely chop off a limb by accident.

I think we will finish all the tasks early enough that we can spend some time exploring around the hut (or, if the weather is terrible, just hanging out). There's lots of good hiking and scrambing in the area.

Because only one car of people should be necessary to do the road work, my vision is that one car goes up on Friday morning to do the road work (my car) and other cars can arrive a little later that day or on Saturday morning and enjoy the nicer road to get to the hut. But depending on people's availabilty we can definitely do this differently.



Posted: 2022-09-10 14:08:11
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