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Glacier School 1 (G1) · Sat. Sep. 15th - Sun. Sep. 16th

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

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Organized by: Andrew Primavera.

Start: Saturday, Sep. 15th
End: Sunday, Sep. 16th
Pre-trip meeting: Wednesday, Sep. 12th, 7:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: Buchannan B213


*IMPORTANT SIGNUP INFORMATION* -This trip is currently capped at 36 participants. The first 36 to signup as committed are on the trip, provided that they attend dry school. Spots 37 to 50 make up the waitlist. If you are on the waitlist, still come to the dry school because we will be taking people off of the waitlist if others don't show. Also, depending on instructor availability, the trip size may increase slightly.


Glacier School is a 2-day (weekend) course intended to teach safe and efficient means of traveling over glaciers. The school is divided into two courses:

Glacier 1 is designed for beginners to snow and glacier travel. It is expected that you have previous backpacking and camping experience.

Glacier 2 is for students with previous glacier experience that want to learn more advanced skills or to climb a peak. (Separate G2 signup is found in the trip agenda)

The point of G1 is to give students enough basic skills that they are not a total liability as a member of a 3 (or more) person glacier rope team, such that more experienced members may feel comfortable trusting their life to them on a rope. For more detailed information check out the info booklet.
The prerequisites for being a student at glacier school are minimal: Students should have overnight backpacking experience, a good attitude, and good general fitness. Some rope skills (such as belaying, common climbing knots, etc) are desirable but not absolutely necessary. In order to cram it all into one weekend we will be on the move all day regardless of the weather - please be prepared for that.
Sign up early as group size will be limited to ensure low student/instructor ratio and minimal environmental impact
Instructors for glacier school are club members who volunteer their time, and are not professional guides, nor are they certified by any recognized school or association. If you don't feel comfortable taking responsibility for your own life in the context of an informal course facilitated by these VOC instructors, you should take a mountaineering course offered by a professional guiding service.

Location: G1 will take place at Anniversary Glacier, located in the Joffre Lakes area east of Pemberton.

For G1, the first 35 participants (instructors excluded) that sign up as committed will have priority over those on the waiting list. The 36th to 50th person to sign up as "committed" will be on the waiting list.

NOTE: YOU MUST ATTEND THE PRE-TRIP "DRY SCHOOL" IF YOU WANT TO GO TO THE GLACIER SCHOOL. Bring your harness and carabiners and prussiks if you have them to practice with.

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