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Women's* Seymour Snow Day · Saturday, February 4th

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

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Organized by: Melissa Bernstein.

Start: Saturday, Feb. 4th
Pre-trip meeting: Tuesday, Jan. 31st, 7:00 pm


edit jan 31 8:13pm: resort tickets are limited to 4 hours so we will be pushing our resort ticket time to 10:30am (not 8:30am). You will be going on the bunny hill and doing basic mobility exercises until your lift pass is acivated (1030-23).

edit jan 31 8:08pm !!! new meeting link 

Edit Sat Jan 21: Pretrip meeting has been moved online as I will not be in Van on Jan 31. 7pm Jan 31. Check VOC gear rental page Jan 29 (it might change) for the week's gear rental availability as we will not be having gear hours after the pretrip because we're not going to be in the clubroom.

Edit Mon Jan 23: I have been pretty successfull at getting a handful of helpers from the Backcountry Ski Ladies of Vancouver FB group, but I'm still a bit low on helpers and very low on drivers. Helpers with no backcountry experience can volunteer to teach skiing and snowboarding at the resort - please email or text me on Whatsapp if keen. For those signed up, be prepared to bus leaving UBC 6am to get to the Seymour shuttle at Renfrew station at 7am if there are not enough drivers. Even if there are, you will likely still need to bus a bit :) Also, if you are able to drive your own car or borrow a friend's, please update your signup questions and mark yourself as a driver.

Edit Sun Jan 29 10am: I have been successful at getting a lot of helpers from outside of the VOC. We have plenty of helpers for the number of students, for both resort/touring and skiing/snowboarding. Unfortunately, we are still short a handful of car spots, but those people can be party of the (party) bus crew aka Seymour Shuttle. Also, I am working on getting 20% off lift tickets for the resort crew, but the resort people will likely need to rent skis from Mt Seymour as the VOC is probably going to be low on skis this weekend from my trip as well as the two extravaganza hut trips. Also, if you come to pretrip and get in a car and instructional group and then decide to bail to go on another VOC trip, myself and the other leaders will be less than stoked as it causes us more work. So if you're gonna come to pretrip, I hope you're committed. I will discuss all of this at pretrip online meeting. If you can't make it, have a friend go and get the info and put you into a instructional group. Helpers will get priority in cars probably.


Have you wanted to try backcountry skiing (or splitboarding) but haven't gotten on a beginner friendly trip yet? This trip is like last year's women's* wednesday ski day, but with a full day instead of a rushed evening and more instruction and organization :)

From last year's trip:

"Seymour Mt on the North Shore has excellent ski touring for beginners. The avalanche risk is next to nothing to Brockton Point as it goes right next to the resort. Thus, if you don't have AST and want to try ski touring, this is the trip for you! Also, the skiing is green/blue runs on the resort so it is very mellow and great for beginners. If you've never skied before, this is an inclusive and safe space to try! There will be designated helpers on the trip to give out skinning, avi, and ski tips as well as words of encouragement."


- full day availability on Saturday February 4th

- $10ish for gas money or the Seymour shuttle bus

- ability to acquire gear through VOC clubroom

- serious snacks and a lunch

- general winter day trip stuff

- stoke to being outside!

You do not need to have any prior experience to join this trip, just a willingness to learn and be outside and have a good time!


Last year we had a group we had some people break off into smaller groups and just do resort skiing. If there is strong interest for this and enough helpers, we can definitely organize this :) Note that this option would require you to purchase a Seymour resort day pass AND to chip in for 1/2 to 1/4 of your instructor's day pass, depending on group size.


- carpool from Vancouver, possibly bussing a bit to help out your driver. Folks can also take the Mt. Seymour shuttle

- meet in the lodge cafeteria at 8am. There is overpriced coffee and toilets here and a bunch of seating. This will be our warm meeting spot before we split up into different groups for the day.

- skin up to Brockton Point and down the resort. No avalanche risk, AST1 not required. If you do have AST1 and the avi conditions are not bad, folks can split up and venture onto Pump Peak.

- leave mid/late afternoon depending on how your car is feeling. Probably aim to wrap up by 4pm at the latest. My car group will likely be grabbing food at A&W or some other place in North Van ;P

Helpers: Thank you to all of the helpers who came last year, you now who you are :) We need you again this year! Helpers will assist with equipment, skinning tips, and basic ski techniques. It counts as a workhike and will be fun and highly rewarding! Last year's helpers really enjoyed it from the feedback they gave me :) It's very empowering to teach other women* things!

Drivers: As there is a day pass system in place at Mt Seymour. Drivers will be responsible for acquiring a free day pass (morning and afternoon) two days before the trip (Thursday Feb 2).

Pretrip meeting: Tuesday January 31 7pm. I will talk with VOC quartermasters but hopefully we can run gear hours around 7:45pm when the main part of the meeting has concluded. The meeting will cover trip details, car groups, descriptions and usages of the gear (what types of backcountry skis, avi gear, how to use skins, skinning tips, basic ski techniques), meet other rad women*.

If you want to come, make sure to signup as committed when it opens and come to the pre-trip meeting. If you know you can't make pre-trip, indicate that in the signup questions and try to get someone to fill in for you. Also, have a plan to get gear. If you are not a member yet, follow instructions at If I can get a quartermaster/current VOC exec to come to the meeting, we can activate your membership after the pre-trip meeting if needed, but you will get lower priority on the trip as you cannot signup on the website until you are a member. Try to come to gear hours before the pre-trip meeting to get a high chance of getting on this trip.

women*-only. I use the term women* to include cis and trans women, as well as non-binary, agender, or intersex people and other gender minorities (wording from UBC Women* in Computer Science website)


- Melissa, past VOC membership exec

[email protected]

Posted: 2023-01-12 14:28:34
Last modified: 2023-01-31 20:16:15