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Mt Baker Backcountry Skiing · Saturday, November 24th

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

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Organized by: this member.

Start: Saturday, Nov. 24th, 6:00 am
End: Saturday, Nov. 24th, 5:00 pm


Nov 22nd 9pm: Mt Baker Trip Update #3

1.Avalanche Condition / Weather Information

I waited until the avalanche forecast for Saturday came out tonight at 6pm: For how much I waited, please read the descriptive text after admiring the colorful icons and images :-)
I highly encourage you to print one copy to read out loud in your car, keep your driver alert, makes good conversation and informational.

2.Itinerary, Timeline

Its a loosely organized trips because everyone are experienced in the backcountry and trips

Sunrise and sunset is 740am and 420pm.

-630am: Picking up your last passenger in Vancouver at latest.
-730am: Sumas border crossing, beating the Canadian shopping traffic.
-900-930am: At Mt Baker ski area (Heather Meadows) parking lot indicated by 'B' See direction below.
- I will head out towards Artist point at 930am
-430pm: suggested meeting time in parking lot

2.1 Driving Direction:
Google Map here with direction: Meeting location is B tag
- Add 30min for Sat morning departure if you have a Canadian/US Passport, Or already have a valid Entrance Document such as the green or white I-94 card.
- Add 60min for having to go into office.

2.2 Ski Group
Your carpool group is your default ski group for the day. Passengers and drivers will discuss objectives, return time and ski together as a group. No lone skier allowed. 
- Note sunset is 420pm and we will be skiing through a valley in the northern of Table Mt. it gets dark 20min before sunset. Early condition makes river crossing challenging when navigating the shallow snow pack. No ski area lights at night.

Suggested parking lot meeting time is 430pm.

3. Car groups.
I will organize them on the trip tools tonight. please contact your driver for specific pickup instructions etc.
I will follow up Friday night logistics in separate email after organizing carpool.

4.Table Mountain Information / ski routes

Table Mtn is 2000meters, Bagley Lk is 1300m. we will be lapping the 1700-1400 area.
Visibility determines how far you can venture. Early season condition diminishes the snow pack on steep terrain.
facilities at the Baker Ski resort can be found at

Backcountry ski routes are included in the Google Earth kmz, which can be found in attachment of this email, with descriptions.


Mt Baker Trip Update #2 - Friday cabin, Border crossing

Hello all committed skiers/boarders,

I will discuss border delays and Friday night cabin in this email.

The snow condition pushed this trip to US thanksgiving weekend and Sat AM border crossing will be busy.

Those of you who have non US/Canada passport likely needs to go in the office to get an I-94 Entrance Card. This will cause additional delay. If you are holding a non-US/Canada passport and dont have a Entrance Card yet, you should advise your driver. I will set meeting details and plan carpool after commit closes, which is tomorrow, Thursday evening.

Friday night South Bound border crossing should be easy at Sumas. I have a cabin which can accommodate a few of us for 25 dollars for Friday night. Bunkbeds, shower, kitchen. If you would like to get the most daylight of Sat, (sunset is at 420p) please let me know asap if you would like to stay in the cabin in Glacier Spring for Friday evening.

I am leaving Friday later afternoon and there are no cellphone reception once I past Sumas. If you want to come Friday evening, we will plan ahead of time how to get to the cabin.

Commit List closes at 11-22 20:00:00

Nov 21st: Trip Update, Commit List is open.

Email sent to 'Interested' List, Tuesday 4:37pm.
Wiki page link contains a list of suggested equipment, Avalanche Safety Gear are mandatory.

Hello fellow skiers,

This trip is happening on Sat, November 24th. Day Trip. No pre-trip meeting intended. Questions are welcome.

If you are committed to come, please sign up as "Commit". Only people in Commit list will be contacted with carpool arrangement and further details.
Please check your needed documents to enter US and return to Canada. 



Nov 13th: Changed trip date to 24th of November.


Note the 17th date may move to the following week giving the snow condition.

Number of participants depending on available vehicles. Group management is by  vehicle group, skiing skills and fitness levels. Intermediate/adv skiers only. splitboarders welcome.


Get your snorkle ready!


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Last modified: 2012-11-22 21:17:13