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Learning Basic Skiing in the Backcountry - this trip is for beginner skiers · Saturday, December 2nd, 2023

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Organized by: Peter Gledhill.

Start: Saturday, Dec. 2nd


This trip will be for people who know very little about skiing and want to get some exposure to it/try it out. This trip is not supposed to an 'intro to backcountry' for those who already know how to ski. This trip is being held outside a resort to try and save money for those coming as they would not need to buy a ticket. Please do not sign-up if you already are an pretty good skiier. 

We will not be going in a resort. This really has to be made clear. There will not be any groomed runs. There will not be an option to go back to a heated lodge if you feel tired or cold. There will not be any ski patrol and the risks are naturally higher. Please take this into consideration before signing up. 

We will be ski-touring (aka skiing in the backcountry) on some mellow entry level terrain with as close to zero risk of avalanche as possbile. We might go to Red Heather or somewhere like that nearby where it's possible to get up high and get some turns in. 

This means we won't be taking a chair lift and you'll be required to skin-up (sort of like hiking with skis on) and have a reasonable level of fitness (if you can manage hiking for a couple hours on moderate terrain you should be fine). It will most likely be relatively slow going as there will all be a bunch of beginners on some fun bunny slopes practicing making turns. The goal of the trip is to get people familiar with skiing and give them some help getting started in/a taste of the sport. If you're beyond that and you would not be okay with walking on steep sections (there might be sections where the group will be required to walk in boots/snowshoes), this trip might not be for you.

Some of the things we'll try and cover: turning, stopping, safe skiing practices, poleing, using the gear, etc.

The trip leader is not a professional ski instructor and is just a volunteer with skiing experience. But hopefully they will be able to give you some tips and resourcses to help you continue working on your own in the sport. 

We'll try and keep this group small so we can get a good ratio of instructor(s) to student(s). 

Please be prepared of the weather and dress appropriately. We'll most likely be gone for most of the day so you'll need to bring your own food and water for the trip. If you need touring gear it should be possible to rent from the VOC clubroom in advance. If you can drive and have a car that could go on a logging road that is a bonus and you will be given priority (depending on where we're going). 

Please note this is a snow dependent trip and there is a chance that this early in the season, there might not be snow. 

Posted: 2023-09-17 20:30:17
Last modified: 2023-09-20 00:11:28