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Stein Valley Traverse · Mon. Aug. 8th - Sun. Aug. 14th

Warning: This is an old trip - it already happened

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Organized by: Samuel Belanger-McKoy.

Start: Monday, Aug. 8th
End: Sunday, Aug. 14th

This hike has been on the to-do list with my father for months now. He got a new job, etc, etc, now he can't go. Since my partner is out, I'm inviting 9 or so VOC'ers to join me.

First and foremost, this is a moderate+ friendly trip. It's not super technical but 6 nights, 80+ km, 4500m elevation gain and is all quite remote.

Second, this trip is tentative for two reason, one being that I don't feel confident in leading on my own. Minimum requirement to this trip happening having 3 people and one other than myself who is experienced enough to help me lead the trip. i don't feel 100% confident in navigation and leading a trip of this magnitude alone.

And lastly, try hard to get the days off! This hike is supposed to be well worth it and with a max group size of 10 it'll be on a first come first serve basis of who can commit to doing this trip.

So details,

This spectacular traverse would begin in Pemberton (where I just so happen to live). And finish in Lytton.

It's approx 80km long with sidetrips or scenic detours that could make it 100km. There are cable car crossings, suspension bridge crossings. pristine wilderness, much flora & fauna, some snow travel, alpine meadows, old growth forest, native paintings & artifacts, etc.

Packs will inevitably be heavy but you should pack somewhat light, the first 3-4 days over the rough alpine area are the hardest and your packs will be at their heaviest.

Maximum group size will be determined by transportation, let me explain.
My parents have offered to both drive a car each to take us to the trailhead and pick us up in Lytton. So how you get to Pemberton doesn't matter. Once in Pemberton you pick my mother, father and I up and we take two cars (one of which could be our family 5 seater) to shuttle people to and from the trailheads. So, this means if we use 2, 7 passenger (plus gear) vehicles, max group size can be 12. 2, 5 passenger vehicles and maximum group size can be 8. Get it?

Not only that, anyone and everyone on the trip is welcome to drive up the night before and sleep over at my house in Pemberton so that we can get an early start the next morning without having to get up extremely early to drive and pick people up.

For this trip there will be no pre-trip meeting unless everyone feels it's absolutely necessary. Things will be discussed via e-mail. That said, tent groups should get together and form food groups early on.

So, state your level of interest, availability, experience, wether or not you can drive and if you can supply group gear.

Posted: 2011-07-14 18:00:19
Last modified: 2011-08-04 21:50:05