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Exploring Seymour from Deep Cove (Beginner Friendly Day Hike) · Sunday, March 8th

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Organized by: Reid Newton.

Start: Sunday, Mar. 8th, 8:40 am
Pre-trip meeting location: Email


This Sunday all interested parties are welcome to join on a hike up in the direction of Mt. Seymour with no promises of reaching the actual peak due to snow and ice. By following part of the Baden Powell trail from Deep Cove and then Old Buck trail we will reach the main Seymour day use area and from there choose whether to go up Seymour or one of it's lower peaks, Dog mountain, or anything else that's open. We can play it by ear, I'll just be happy to be outside.

For starters we will meet downtown at Homer and Cordova around 8:40 in time for the 8:50 210 to Phibbs then catching a 211/212 arriving at Deep Cove for 9:30

Please refer to the summer day hike list for what to bring but please ensure you have these at the bare minimum:

2 liters of water, sufficient lunch and snacks, suitable hiking boots (but make sure you read over the gear list, headlamps are invaluable and if you don't have one you should get one!)

Furthermore, if you are into this sort of thing then feel free to bring some kind of treat or lunch supplement to share for wherever we lunch! Extravagance is encouraged.


No pretrip is required, though if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask via email, furthermore I will send an email checking in on Saturday.


The email that was sent:

"Hi people,

This is the usual email asking that if you will be attending tomorrow's hike then to let me know/sign up as going on the trip agenda, but wait, there's more!

Please make sure you are prepared for tomorrow, while it is "just" a transit accessible beginner friendly day hike you should always be prepared. This is included in the trip info, but please ensure you have proper shoes, two liters of water, and enough lunch and snacks for yourself as well as proper hiking attire. If you want to bring food to share at the top, that is awesome, I still have to find out what recipe to test out for tomorrow.
Meeting downtown for 8:40 should give us enough time in case the bus is early, Homer and Cordova, if you haven't met anyone going before look for the most hikerly looking folks, I have a bit of scruff and will be wearing a long blue shirt. If you will be meeting us at the trailhead let me know and also take my number 604-788-0758 just in case there is confusion at the cove. 
And finally, if you are bringing any friends along who are not VOC that is great, but please let me know so I can bring enough waivers!
Let me know if you have any questions.
See you tomorrow!

Posted: 2015-03-03 21:52:29
Last modified: 2015-03-07 16:30:23