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History icon.png This page is a historical document.
Please refer to the following page for current information: Harrison Hut

New information is now available for Harrison Hut. The foresters are being very respectful of our use of the area so please do everything you can to respect their operation.

  • All roads to the current trailhead are OPEN.
  • Use EXTREME CAUTION on the Perkins spur where logging trucks are descending the 23% hill fully loaded.
  • The current trailhead does not interfere with operations.
  • We should invest in a radio
  • They have expanded the available parking at the current trailhead.
  • They have roughly (very roughly) brushed out a new trail that bypasses the cut block. It could still use some work.
  • There are some cut blocks about 5-7 km into our trail that they plan on foresting 2 to 3 years down the road. They will build us a new parking lot when they do this.

Extreme Caution entails you do the following:

  • Turn on your High Beams (even if it's day time)
  • Honk your horn before turning blind corners.
  • Always yield to industrial traffic and pull off as far as you can as soon as you see a truck coming.
  • Use a radio if you have one and follow the listed calling procedure.
  • If possible, wait for a vehicle that does have a radio and stay with them.

Calling procedures are listed at the start of all the forest service roads. It will look something like this:


If you are interested in learning more you can read this 2007 guide that is 8 pages long here.

Or this radio guide that is 50 pages long here.

Perkins Spur is the 4WD section with the really steep grade and the switchbacks where you turn off the Overseer Main. See this map for details.

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