Brew Hut Cleanup

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Part 1

July 22-23

Part 1 of the cleanup effort is to go up to Brew Hut and put all the scrap metal and garbage into a big net that a helicopter can pick up. This is a pretty big job because some of the garbage is at the old hut site, and some is at the new hut site. It all needs to be moved to one place and packaged up into a net for helicopter pickup. If we have enough manpower we can complete some of the outstanding tasks at the hut on this trip as well (outhouse, wood shed, etc.)

Trip Report

From Roland

It was Brewtal, until we hit the lake, then not so bad. Up at the Hut we wondered maybe it was too hot to work, but we eventually got working, hauled scrap metal to the lower site, and started scratching at the glacial till to make an outhouse. Sunday we finished the outhouse and installed the stained glas window (it looks very beautiful, as expected. The ACC doesn't have a stained glass window!) The trip down the rock slide was smokin hot; you didn't want to touch the hot rocks.

From Richard

Some other things that happened:

Brew Lake was great, cept the water was quite cold, since there was still snow melting into it.

Strange orange "explosions" were coming from the Metal Dome direction. Quite spectacular, but no idea what they were coming from. They were really big, random, and lasted from 11pm-2pm. Oker thinks its dragons, I think its aliens, and Scott thinks its yahoos setting off huge fireworks.

No clouds, and barely a moon, made for fantastic star gazing. A couple of us decided to sleep outside. Unfortunately, we were raped by the bugs in the morning.

Oker ate some nasty looking Spam-like meat. Scott thought his cat ate better meat. Oker was planning to eat a huge can of sauerkraut, but couldn't find a partner.

On the way down, Oker asked what kind of bugs were biting him. Scott replied: "Fucking annoying, that's what they are."

From Matt

The plastic wrapped bundles of insulation made good tobogans.

It was very challenging to be at all useful at the hut after spending so much energy getting there. As usual the company makes all the difference, and my first trip with the VOC was a very pleasant one.

Completed Tasks

  • Built Outhouse
  • Moved garbage and surplus builder materials / tools down to old hut site
  • Fixed the deck by using longer screws so the boards no longer move around
  • Took a planer to the windows to make them thinner so hopefully they won't stick so much in the winter.
  • Planed down the ramp below the door so the door won't rub so much on the ramp when you open or close the door.
  • Replaced the awkward handles on the West side windows with new handles that you can actually grab to pull the windows closed. The latches still need strike plates (since they didn't have any at home depot and no other hardware stores were open friday night), but they are ok for now.
  • Brought up weather stripping which was only installed on one window (due to wet paint on the others.
  • Brought up necessary supplies to ground the hut for protection against lightning - copper wire grounding plate and connectors, but didn't have time to install any of this stuff. We unwrapped the sheathing and insulation from the cable that was already up there so that it is now just bare copper wire.


  1. Scott Nelson
  2. Christian Champagne
  3. Matthew Zieleman
  4. Richard So
  5. Roland Burton unless needed @Sphinx. Has car.
  6. Oker
  7. Evan Morris
  8. Greta Raymant
  9. Jason Bedard
  10. Mahdi Eynian


Scott's Car (seats 5) - leaves from Oak and 7th

  1. Scott Nelson
  2. Greta
  3. Evan

Roland's Car (seats 5) - leaves UBC Bookstore 6 am

  1. Roland
  2. Christian Champagne
  3. Oker
  4. Mahdi

Natasha will go and drive if there are passengers:

Natasha's car (seats 5) - leaves from Edmonds Skytrain. Rendezvous with all passengers at Richard So's house

  1. Natasha
  2. Richard So
  3. Jason
  4. Matthew Zieleman

Matthew Zieleman and Jason Bedard also have vehicles in case more people sign up

Tools and Supplies

Tools at the hut that we plan to use

  • Shovel (only 1 is any good)
  • Pry bar
  • Pick axe like tool
  • Bow-type Hand saw, or Swede saw. Carpenters saws are in Vancouver for Sphinx reno.
  • Hammers
  • lots of nails

In additions to what's already up at the hut, the following would probably be useful to have:

  • Long handle shovel - there is 1 up there already but a second one would be good (Evan can bring 1)
  • Cordless Drill with drill and screw driver bits - for assembling outhouse (Scott)
  • Planer - for making windows less tight (Matthew Zieleman)
  • 2.5" weatherproof screws for deck (Scott already purchased)
  • Hand saw - for wood shed construction (Scott)
  • Bathroom scale - for determining the weight of the outgoing helicopter load (Scott) -- we may be able to construct a balance instead using available lumber and a know weight (1L nalgene full = 1kg)
  • Extra tape measure (Matthew Zieleman)
  • Carpenter's Square (Matthew Zieleman)

Part 2

September 9-10, 2006

Part 2 is to get a helicopter in and haul out the garbage. We need to carry in a couple nets and a scale to build the loads for the helicopter. The loading crew needs to hike in Saturday, build up the loads and do all the ground crew work for the helicopter Sunday morning. The unloading crew can drive up saturday night or sunday morning to the drop off site and unload the nets when the helicopter drops them off. The unloading crew will also be responsible for taking all the garbage to either the squamish or whistler landfill. A lot of what we are flying out is metal, so mostly it can be recycled. There are some things like paint and kerosene that may have special disposal requirements.

Trip Report

Loading Crew Sign up

  1. Scott Nelson
  2. Sandra Nicol
  3. Scott Webster
  4. Anne Webster
  5. Christian Veenstra
  6. Åse M Thorrud
  7. Rueben Schulz
  8. Alex Khramov
  9. Piotr Forysinski
  10. Philipp Winter
  11. Maria Markov

Unloading Crew Sign up

Tim's truck for Sunday morning

  1. Tim Blair