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  1. One way to create a brand new page is to simply create a link to one somewhere, and then click on your new link and begin editing.
  2. For lack of a better place you might create this link on your personal page, ie. if it's an organizational wiki for a trip you're planning (click on your name in the upper right to go to your personal page).
  3. You can also just type in the URL of the page you want to create and it will give you the option of editing the page. For example, if you want to create the page named "My New Page" you can go to www.ubc-voc.com/wiki/My_new_page and create your page from there.
  4. Please don't capitalize any words in the title other than the first one, unless it is a proper noun. For example, this page is "Create a new page," not "Create A New Page." "Mount Harvey" is fine since it is a proper noun. This is for consistency throughout the wiki.