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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.



We need to hang the markers on the Phelix Creek Trail. Once done, this will finish the trail work for the season (we'll need to do a little more ground work once the snow melts). Two years ago it took 20 VOCers all day to hang the first round of markers up at Brew (Roe Creek Ski Route), and the distances are actually quite similar (the Brew logging road approach is longer, but effectively groomed. Phelix approach is shorter but either un-groomed or snowmobiler washboard hell, but it also takes longer to drive there). While there were many pertubations and additions afterwards, most of the work got done that weekend.

We're hoping to accomplish the same this weekend on the Phelix Trail.


There will be 10km of hiking, with a little over 1000 meters of elevation gain. We will be on snow the whole time, so either skis or snowshoes are a must. The club has both skis and snowshoes available from the gear room.

We will work all day Saturday, working our way up to the hut, and come down on Sunday.

What you do on Sunday will depend on how Saturday goes, but mostly on fitness and what the other people in your vehicle want to do. This could range from more trail work to yo-yo skiing, or peak bagging.

The VOC will not organize food groups, but feel free to use the wiki or your own creativity to solve this problem yourselves. There are 2 stoves (4 burners) up at the hut already.


Trip Meeting - Wednesday March 5 at 6:30pm

March 8th - 9th, 2008


Marker Hanging

We have alot of markers to hang... markers and Al nails will be provided. Know that they have sharp corners, so you might want to bring a durable bag to carry them in (depending how much you love your pack). Bring your own hammer.

  • Veenstra
  • Line
  • Champagne
  • Matthew C
  • Jan Ulrich
  • Zack Treisman


There's a big deadfall you walk under in the summer, struggle under in early ski season, and struggle over/around in late ski season. Now seems like a good time to chainsaw it, since it now doesn't involve climbing anything.


At least a few of the marker hangers should carry some cutting tools and do double-duty.

  • Veenstra
  • Champagne


Car groups

Scott's Car

  1. Scott Webster
  2. Ran Zang
  3. Phillip Zielke

Rented CAN van

  1. Christian Veenstra
  2. Matthew Carrol
  3. Line Christiansen
  4. Jan Ulrich
  5. Zak Triesmann
  6. Diego Martinez
  7. Champagne

Maria's car -- going only with 2 or more passengers

  1. Maria Markov
  2. (passenger 1)
  3. (passenger 2)
  4. (passenger 3)