Leather telemark boots

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This page is a part of Gear rental list.

As of Nov. 25th, 2005.

ID Brand Colour Size Condition Notes
l1 Merrell Black 11 Good
l2 Merrell Black 12.5 Newish
l3 Vibram Black 11 Good
l4 Vibram Black 10 Good
l5 ? Black 10 Old Toe coming apart
l6 ? Brown 12.5 Old Detachable inner/outer
l7 Asolo Black 9 Good
l8 Alico Black 11 Alright
l9 Scarpa Black 10.5 Good
l10 Scarpa Brown Med Good Buckle
l11 ? Black 10ish Ok Inner heel worn
l12 ? ? ? ? ?
l13A Alico Grey Sm New
l13B ? Black 7 ?
l14 Vibram Black 9.5 Used
l15 Vibram Black 10 Delaminating
l16 Merrell Black 12 N/A
l17 Track Black Very small New
l18 Alico Grey 5 New
l19 Asolo Black 10.5 Very old
l20 Asolo Black 6 Good
l21 Herling Brown 12 Good
l22 Alico Black 11.5 Good
l23 Alico Black 6.5 Bad Delaminating toe
l24 Merrell Black 10 2 buckles
l25 Asolo Black 9 N/A
l26 Alico Grey 3 Backcountry (?)
l27 Alico Grey 5
l28 ? Black 10 Gaitors attached
l29 Grasshopper Black 11.5 Like new (Cross-country)
l30 ? Black 11 ?
l31 Crispi Black 8 Excellent
l32 Vibram Black 11.5 Used, but ok
l33 Vibram Black 8 Like new
l34 Vibram Black 8.5 Good