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Stop hand.png Old Trip
This is the sign up and organization page for an old trip. It already happened. Please do not sign up for it.

Date: January 13-14

There will also be a mandatory dry school on Wednesday Jan 10th at 6pm in the VOC clubroom to arrange rides, food, driving instructions, and go over some snowcave theory.

Location: Winter Longhike will be at Manning Park and Fat Dog Creek Mt. Seymour due to the weather.

Driving Instructions

Coming Across Lions Gate on HWY #1

  1. Take the Fern St exit 22 to Capilan College/Mt. Seymour Park/Deep Cove 0.3km
  2. Turn left at Fern St 0.4km
  3. Turn right at Mr. Seymour Pkwy 4.4km
  4. Turn left at Mt. Seymour Rd 13.4km

Coming Across Second Narrows on HWY #1

  1. Merge onto Fern St/ Capilan College via exit 22 to Mt. Seymour Pkwy 0.4km
  2. Turn right at Mt. Seymour Pkwy 4.4km
  3. Turn left at Mt. Seymour Rd 13.4km

We are meeting at the trailhead at 8:30am. The trailhead is located at the BC Parks Information Kiosk at the end of the upper parking lot.

Parking is available at the lowermost parking lot in a designated overnight parking area. You are supposed to check in at the Guest Services building and give them your licence plate number, when you're expected back, emergency contact number, etc...

We are taking the Mount Seymour Trail and Camping between the First and Second Pumps past Brockton Point.

Mount Seymour: Length: 4 km. Suggested time: 2.5 hours. Elevation change, 450 m. A busy trail that starts near the north end of the top parking lot, traversing Brockton Point and First and Second Pump Peaks. From the summit there is a panoramic view of Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and, on a clear day, the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island. Moderate to difficult. From Parking Lot 4 along the Mount Seymour Trail to Second Pump Peak serves as a winter route.

trail map


  • Instructor Sign-up
  1. Andrew Pare
  2. Christian Veenstra (can't do dryschool)
  3. Sandra Nicol
  4. Craig Alfredson

  • Student Sign-up
  1. Aurore Ponvienne
  2. Christian Sampaleanu
  3. Christian Champagne
  4. Piotr Forysinski
  5. Bronwyn Jarvis
  6. Kaitlin Vandenbosch
  7. Trevor Scudamore
  8. Afton Halloran
  9. Clint Morgan
  10. Liz Cross
  11. Matthew Baker
  12. Jason Bedard
  13. Tracy Wilkinson
  14. Irena Kuca
  15. Leila Larson
  16. Holger Feser
  17. Rick Havlak
  18. Edward Estabrook
  19. Lara Thompson
  20. Mary Anne Thompson
  21. Alice Leppitt
  22. Rueben Schulz (will be a few minutes late to dryschool)
  23. Andrew McGechaen
  24. Gregory Stegeman
  25. Peter Eugster
  26. Daniel McLaren
  27. Sverre Frisch
  28. Bob Lai
  29. Alix MacKay
  30. Marcus Rohrbach (will be a few minutes late to dryschool)
  31. Stephanie Reczka
  32. Matthew Carroll
  33. Robyn Barnett
  34. Diane Moug
  35. Ashlee Jollymore (will be late to dryschool)
  36. Jamie Moskowitz
  37. Marco Faustmann
  38. Dylan Weil
  39. Emily Kwok
  40. Yanna Martinek
  41. Matthew Breakey
  42. Inho Choi
  43. Line Christiansen
  44. Nicholas Edgar


Since this is such a big trip, rides are usually coordinated at the dry school on Wednesday January 10th to match drivers with passengers who live close to them. However, please indicate here if you have a car, where you are leaving from and how many people you can transport.

  • Drivers Name [email, location leaving from, # of passengers]

  1. Laura's Mom (she's cool)
  2. Laura
  3. Matthew Breakey
  4. Ed Estabrook
  5. Alice, if you show up Laura will drive again.

  1. Christian Veentra
  2. Piotr
  3. Matthew Carroll
  4. Stephen Mullen

  • Bob Lai [[email protected], UBC, 5,skier or snowshoes] Looking for someone with a white gas stove. Pete only has a propane one which probably won't work too well in the cold.
  1. Pete Eugster
  2. Ashlee Jollymore
  3. Passenger #3
  4. Passenger #4
  5. Passenger #5

  • Roland Burton [[email protected], UBC, 3 w/snowshoes, 2 w/skis] We will go home on Sunday as soon as we are ready.
  1. Afton
  2. Aurore
  3. Dave (Roland's son)
  4. Megan

  1. Kaitlin
  2. Irena
  3. Yanna

  1. Moi
  2. Kristina Shu
  3. Dan Eagen
  4. Greg Stegeman

  1. Stephanie Reczka
  2. Bronwyn
  3. Christian Sampaleanu

  1. Marcus Rohrback
  2. Christian Champagne
  3. Nick Edgar