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The details are a little unclear at the moment (26 April), but will be clear after our recce trip in May. We should know by then if we are spending MEC Grant money or VOC money; the work gets done in either case but MEC might pay us for gas to drive up; otherwise we have to pay for gas ourselves.

We expect to need people to do the following tasks

  • Haul in three windows
  • Haul in roll of Tyvek vapor barrier, and possibly tarpaper.
  • Haul in other stuff, paint, brushes, weatherstrip, Blueskin, adhesive.
  • Install weatherstrip on 1-5 windows, probably screwdriver job.
  • Remove screws holding sheet metal on SE end wall. Remove sheet metal.
  • put on Tyvek, possibly tarpaper, Blueskin, install new windows.
  • put lightning protection up.
  • Put sheet metal back on, re-using screws.
  • Paint the trim on the windows that don't need to be replaced. Scrape off old paint. (Many coats of membrane-type paint)
  • Haul firewood 500m from lower hut site, and cut it to size to fit in the heater.
  • Can we make the outhouse door close better so that blowing snow doesn't fill it?
  • We need good weather for most of this, especially the painting part.
  • You do not need any skills at all to participate in this, and it is expected to be fun, at least somewhat. We can stay at the Hut overnight.
  • We will update the details when they become available.