Caspar Creek

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Avalanche serious.gif Avalanche Hazard
The route and terrain described here is capable of producing avalanches. Safe travel requires the skills and equipment to assess and mitigate avalanche hazards. A professionally taught training course is highly recommended.

Caspar Creek is the next valley east from Cerise Creek. Despite quite easy access and good skiing, it is infrequently visited.


Park on the duffey lake road, just west of the brige over Van Horlick Creek. A logging road climbs west from here. About 2km from highway take the left fork which is somewhat overgrown at the start, but then improves. Do not cross the bridge over caspar creek which is on the main road just beyond the junction. Towards the end of the road up Caspar Creek, it stars to become overgrown with alder and it is advisable to gradually traverse through the clearcut towards the creek itself. Once past the end of the last clearcut, the skiing in the forest is easiest close to the creek. Continue past a huge avalanche runout zone and up the creek some more to good camp sites about 1.5km from the edge of the clearcut. This location has flat open meadows for camping, running water, good views of the surrounding mountains and is safe from avalanches. Total distance from the highway to the camp is 8.5km with 500m of elevation gain.


There are a lot of good ski runs, but the terrain is mostly quite steep, and potentially dangerous if conditions are not stable. The numerous large avalanche paths that run down both sides of the valley are a testament to this.