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The Plan

All cars to meet at the Squamish Tim's at 6:50am. This means you probably have to pick up your last passenger at 6:00am.

Christian's leading a beginner hike/scramble up to the top of Mt. Price (Garibaldi Park) over 14-15th July weekend.

Mt. Price is described in Matt Gun's scrambles guide, page 74, if you own it. It is a moderately difficult hike, or an easy scramble depending on how you think about it. It is 1500m elevation gain, but we'll take two days at it so it should be reasonably attainable for the average beginner VOCer. A VOC party went up there last fall, and the views were spectacular. For us, the views should be alot snowyier.

Leave Vancouver early Saturday morning, return late Sunday night - hopefully after a satisfying meal at the Brew Pub.

The fairweather plan is to go up Brohm ridge, around the Warren Glacier, camping at the foot of the glacier or in Table Meadows. The next day go over Price and return via the Barrier switchbacks. A map with the approximate route and places of interest marked. If the weather looks like a disaster, go up the Barrier trail, camp near (or on) the summit, then hike back out Sunday.

If you've never been into the coast mountains before (or even never done an overnight hike), are reasonably fit (or at least tough) and own (or can borrow) a pair of waterproof boots, this is the trip for you.

Trip Meeting

The trip meeting will be Wednesday the 11th - 8:00pm, at Frisbee (Jericho beach at Tolmie). I'll bring my pack packed and ready to go. If you know what you're doing and can't come that's OK - just make sure you have a ride. If you don't know what you're doing, then you should really try and come.


It is July - there will still be snow in the mountains, but it should be settled out enough that avalanches are not a concern (The route is not steep), nor will skis/snowshoes be strictly required to get around. If you want to carry some all the way up there then go for it - but remember these things are heavy... What you will want is a good pair of waterproof boots, ski poles (or trekking poles) and maybe a pair of gaiters.

If you want to bring an ice ax instruction will be provided, although we probably won't need them. Although they're heavy it might be a good opportunity to learn to use it. We should have time to find a small steep bit and practice self-arresting - but make sure you bring full waterproofs if you want to do this (or be prepared to get highly wet).

This list reserves the right to be amended, but you should probably have:


  • 1 set of non-cotton clothes (just the one on your back)
  • 1 additional warm thing (fleece / down jacket)
  • rainjacket / pants (actually - probably not, it isn't supposed to rain. Nice light breathable softshell would be better)
  • toque (best warmth/weight ratio going for clothing)
  • gloves
  • warm waterproof boots
  • sun hat
  • gaiters


  • tent (or make friends with someone who has one)
  • sleeping bag (-12C to 0C, depending how warm you think you sleep)
  • sleeping pad(s) (warmer the better - these make a bigger difference than you think)


  • Sunscreen
  • Headlamp
  • lip balm
  • sunglasses
  • camera
  • bug net (works way better than bug juice, plus it doesn't wreck the environment or your stuff)
  • Toilet Paper
  • Toothbrush
  • Lighter
  • Bearspray (optional - with such a large, probably noisy, group I'd be highly surprised if any self-respecting bear would go anywhere near us)
  • Emergency supplies (Veenstra will have all this stuff with him, but if you want to bring some of your own, particularly moleskin, that's OK. Not bringing any is also OK - there will be enough to go around)
    • First Aid
      • moleskin
      • Vitamin I (Ibuprofen)
      • climbing tape (for an overnight trip these three things are probably all you really need)
      • bandages
      • gauss
      • prep pads
      • tensor bandage
      • extra ziplock for bloody gross prep pads / guass
    • Repair Kit (you can fix almost anything with these things for a short trip)
      • Duct tape
      • Stainless steel wire
      • Length of 2mm chord
      • Miniature pliers/cutters/knife with file


  • ski/trekking poles (poles are highly awesome for hiking. I can't recommend bringing poles enough)
  • ice ax (if desired)
  • shovel (~1 per tent, to dig vestibule, kitchen, etc.)


  • stove + pot + fuel + lighter (or be friendly)
  • Plastic thing to eat out of (old yogurt container? Or something fancier)
  • spoon
  • Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch - remember you'll be on the move all day, so bring extra lunch for Sunday. Eat extra breakfast (which you then don't have to carry on your back) before heading out Saturday morning.
    • Most people can eat somewhat under 1kg of food per day (we're talking dehydrated food - no heavy water). Veenstra eats way more than most people and usually brings 250grams/breakfast, 400-500grams/lunch+snacks, 250-350grams/dinner+dessert.
  • Water (ability to carry 2 - 3L, depending on your size).
  • Water purifier drops (optional)
  • Bearproof bag, or equipment for bearhang (or be friendly).


(some things might be worth their extra weight, including):

  • songbook
  • 1 pair extra socks
  • down slippers for camp
  • tin whistle / recorder / Ukulele
  • Alchohol
  •  ?


And a pack to put it all in. Remember - stuff is heavy, so don't bring too much stuff! If you show up with a pack larger than 50L, Christian will tear it apart in the parking lot looking for extra weight. Beware. Your pack might be larger than 50L if you don't want to look like a dinkus and have all kinds of garbage hanging off the outside of it (as Christian seems to prefer).

Food Groups

Veenstra's Stove Couscous + veggie + bacon. Bring your own breakfast/lunch, get boiling water to go with your breakfast.

  1. Adam S.
  2. Mahdi E.

Jasmine's Stove

  1.  ?

Jason's Stove Pesto sounded good, so we copied Sebastian's group. Also have red peppers/sausage.

  1. Jason
  2. Urszula
  3. Room for 1 more if you tell me before I pack the food

Mike's stove

  1. Mike
  2. Shuyu

Scott's Stove

  1. Scott
  2. Anne


Jason's (tent for 3)

  1. Jason
  2. Urszula
  3. person3

Rueben's 2 person tent

  1. Rueben
  2. Simon

Mike's 2 person tent

  1. Mike D
  2. Shuyu

Scott's 2 person tent

  1. Scott
  2. Anne