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About VOC

The VOC website is one of the organs of our organization and it helps to make this club breath with life whether it be organizing trips, taking about gear, recording our history, or just having banter for what really is the ever elusive faff formula.

The VOC Wiki

VOCWiki is written by volunteers, like yourself. Most of them are VOC members, but they do not have to be. Due to the open nature of this platform, please be careful with the information and follow the advice outlined in our disclaimer.

For the software, see Special:Version. External links will use the "nofollow" tag, so wiki spamming this site will not help bring your website search engine ranking up.

The VOC Website

The website was started in 2001 by Chris Michalak. At that point it was a handful of php pages for membership management + discussion forum, mediawiki and gallery2. Around 2009 or 2010 Christian Veenstra added the trip agenda tool and the Gearmaster tool. In 2011 Marius Muja switched the website to Wordpress and integrated the other parts into the wordpress framework through a custom wordpress plugin. He re-wrote and improved the membership module, added the NanoPOS tool and upgraded the other components (mediawiki, phorum, gallery). After graduating from UBC, Marius and Clemens have both been doing various fixes and improvements.

All the components of the website are implemented in php and it uses mysql for database. The website is hosted on an Amazon EC2 instance.