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Going to Lake Lovelywater area in Tantalus Range on August 2007 long weekend. Message board thread. The plan is to get to the lake and then just hike/scramble whatever looks doable. Possible scrambles: Alpha, Pelops, Niobe, Iota, Omega, to name a few.

Involves crossing Squamish river using tyrollean. Make sure to bring your own crossing gear for your chosen method (most people will use 2-3 chains or very large biners, or pulleys if they can be found).


2 caming spots where the 2 groups can meet up have been proposed. Either the Russian Army Camp, or the Sand Spit camp on the South side of the lake.


Some people are going for four days and some can only make it for three due to having to work on Friday. Please add yourself to a proper group.


  1. Emily Payne [added by MD, please move to proper group]

4 days adventure

  1. Marcin Mirski
  2. Dorota Paleczek
  3. Urszula Paleczek

3 days

  1. Evan Morris; probably leaving Sat morning; have a stove
  2. Jason Bedard; tent (3 person), stove/pots, car (3 person)
  3. Mike Danilov; can leave Fri night or Sat morning
  4. Muffin; leaving Saturday morning; 2 man tent
  5. Matthew Baker
  6. Matthew Breakey
  7. Charlie Caunt


Marcin's car (leaving Fri morning)

  1. Marcin
  2. Dorota
  3. Urszula
  4. (open)

Breakey-mobil (Sat morning)

  1. Matthew Breakey
  2. Charlie
  3. Steve
  4. Mike
  5. Evan

Jason's car (Sat morning)

  1. Jason
  2. Matthew Baker (1-2223 Victoria Drive, between 6th and 7th)
  3. (available)


Matt n' Mikes Cook Shack: Fine Veggie and Meaty Dining

  1. Matthew Baker (Stove MSR)
  2. Mike D. (Fuel 0.6L)

Food group 2 mmmmeat

  1. Muffin
  2. Evan Morris (I'll bring a stove and pot)
  3. Jason (Will bring tent [3 person])